Miele UltraPhase Refresh Elixir Set of 6 TwinDos Cartridges – Limited Edition


  • Consisting of 3 x UltraPhase 1 and 3 x UltraPhase 2
  • With Freshplex™ to absorb unpleasant odours
  • For bright colours and brilliantly white laundry
  • Extremely effective and eco-friendly – for over 100 wash loads
  • For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos
  • See the original UltraPhase Campaign Packs here

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NEW – Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2 Refresh Elixir Supply of the limited edition to combat odours

Best liquid detergent system at the push of a button
Automatic dosing with TwinDos® is not only practical, it also guarantees perfect cleanliness at the same time: With UltraPhase 1 and 2 your device becomes the best liquid detergent system. TwinDos® doses UltraPhase 1 and 2 at the optimal point in time in the washing process and thus achieves the highest washing effect. In addition, TwinDos® takes on the dosage so precisely that you can save up to 30% detergent compared to manual dosage.

Tips for sustainable washing:
– Effective from 30 ° C – a reduced washing temperature protects the environment.
– Load the washing machine as fully as possible – except for delicates.
– Adjust the amount of detergent to the hardness of the water and how dirty it is.
– Regular use of a 60 ° C washing program with the settings for white laundry.
– Leave the washing machine open between programs.
– If you are allergic to house dust, wash your bed linen at a temperature of at least 60 ° C.

Because we care about the environment
Would you like to wash effectively and environmentally friendly? This is no problem with detergents from Miele! Special high-performance enzymes ensure that stains are thoroughly removed – and that at particularly low temperatures. Pre- and post-treatment of the laundry is also not necessary. That saves water and protects the environment. Your clothes are cleaned particularly gently so that you don’t have to buy new clothes as often.

Freshness in the blink of an eye
Have you just come back from sports or have you had a hard day at work? Thanks to Freshplex ™, your laundry smells like freshly aired in next to no time. Unpleasant smells are reliably neutralized.

Always perfect results
The optimal interaction of detergent and washing machine: Simply wash perfectly.

UltraPhase Refresh Elixir Set of 6 TwinDos Cartridges
Brand – Miele
3 Ultraphase 1 Refresh Elixir Cartridges 1.4 litres each
3 Ultraphase 2 Refresh Elixir Cartridges 1.4 litres each
Part Number 16376736

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