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Don't worry, nothing has changed to the service we give or the products we sell, but we have now joined our two brands of Snellings & Gerald Giles together on one website.

Please enjoy our new site and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


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More about Sonos.

  Sonos, based in California, was founded in 2002. The brand set out with a clear goal to reinvent home audio for the digital age and their vision was to fill every home with music and make music a valued experience once again. The company’s main product is the Sonos Multi-Room Music System and this […]

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Sonos PLAY3. Try it, love it, keep it.

The new Sonos PLAY:3 promo is all about giving customers the ability to TRIAL this amazing bit of kit by giving them the chance to try it out, in your own home for a full 60 days. That way you get a chance to experience the brilliant sound quality that the PLAY:3 delivers. Simply buy […]

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The Sonos PLAYBAR – one home at a time.

Back in 2002 Sonos set out to change the way people listened to music. They wanted to make it a brilliant experience, something that could be experienced in any room. And they wanted to make it incredibly easy to play the music you love and to find new music to fall in love with. Well, […]

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