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News—4K TVs

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The New Sony A1 or KD55A1

Sony’s first domestic OLED panel TV, the new Sony A1 or KD55A1 is already making waves in the world of TV and home cinema systems. Offering outstanding visuals and a revolutionary audio experience, the product has the capacity to revolutionise the way you view TV, movies and online content. The screen The OLED (organic light-emitting […]

4K TVs, Sony, Televisions
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Sky Q demonstrating it’s IQ

New Technology for TV viewing Viewing technology is moving faster than ever. Every year we’re seeing incredible innovations and inventions, with new systems hitting the shelves month after month. One of the latest technologies making waves in the home cinema world is Sky Q. Original and powerful, this new system is likely to change the […]

4K TVs
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4K for less than £4k

4K Ultra HD TVs Providing entertainment for the entire family, a focal point in your living room and the perfect way to relax and unwind after a tough day at work, our TVs are an integral part of our homes and many of us would be lost without one. Investing in the best device you […]

4K TVs
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