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Sky Q demonstrating it’s IQ

4K TVs

New Technology for TV viewing

Viewing technology is moving faster than ever. Every year we’re seeing incredible innovations and inventions, with new systems hitting the shelves month after month. One of the latest technologies making waves in the home cinema world is Sky Q. Original and powerful, this new system is likely to change the way we watch TV for good.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q first became available to consumers in March 2016. Unlike previous Sky products, and unlike other systems on the market, Sky Q isn’t just a TV viewing service, it’s a complete family of devices. The idea is that Sky Q will change the way companies provide our home TV services, integrating other elements into the systems and making them an essential part of our home entertainment set ups.


 If you want to upgrade to Sky Q, you’ll need to invest in a bit of hardware. You have the choice between the Sky Q Silver set top box and the basic Sky Q box. The Silver version is Ultra HD ready and has a larger hard drive than the basic version.

You can also invest in a Sky Q Mini Box – if you want to use the service in other rooms in your home – the Sky Q Internet Hub and the Sky Q Touch Remote. When taken together, this provides a comprehensive, integrated system that provides virtually all of your home entertainment services.

Integrated devices

One of the biggest benefits of this integrated system is that you can view and save recordings onto mobile devices. So if you fall asleep before the end of your favourite show or need something to keep you entertained on your journey to work, you’ll be able to easily transfer data onto your mobile device and take your entertainment with you.

With just one Sky Q Silver box in your home, you’ll be able to stream content to two tablet computers and connect two Sky Q Mini Boxes. Though they’re all connected to the same main box, you’ll be able to view separate content on each device, with each running completely independently of other devices in the system.

The basic Sky Q box supports just one tablet and one Mini Box. However you can still store up to 150 hours of TV on the device.

If you want a TV set that will do justice to your new high tech home entertainment set up, explore the outstanding range of products on our site or get in touch with a member of our team.