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Sonos, based in California, was founded in 2002. The brand set out with a clear goal to reinvent home audio for the digital age and their vision was to fill every home with music and make music a valued experience once again.

The company’s main product is the Sonos Multi-Room Music System and this has made it simple for everyone to enjoy the music in every room of their home and in the highest quality of sound.  Even though Sonos have been around for over ten years, it feels like a lot less because they are constantly evolving to stay fresh and current.

What’s great about Sonos’s ethos is that they are constantly striving for ways to improve the experience of listening to music with new products, software and investment in innovation.

Sonos now sell their music systems in over 60 countries and we stock some of the best and most popular Sonos products around and definitely in Norfolk.

Sonos have recently gone through a rebranding exercise which has resulted in the birth of the Play:3, which is a brand new and more affordable version of the Play range (and it’s available in black and white). The Play:3 is an all-in-one system that combines a network music client, amp and speakers which all make it a breeze to add an extra zone to an existing Sonos system or even start a new one. You can now stream music directly from your Apple devices and link two Play:3s together. Even though the Play:3 costs less than you might think this doesn’t mean the sound quality is any the less brilliant.

The sound quality is great and if you feed it lossless or uncompressed rips from a computer or network-attached storage device then the sound is fantastic.  And the icing on the cake is the Play:3 in black and in white is now part of our Summer Savings sale at just £259,00!

Sonos have also recently released the Sonos PBARSUK1BLK Playbar – TV Soundbar. The 9 speaker device wirelessly fills your room with full cinema Hi-Fi sound and streams as much music as you can ever wish for through one easy to use Soundbar. The Sonos Playbar adjusts automatically to the differences in sound, from high speed car chases to live music concerts.

The nine built-in digital amplifiers, three tweeters and six mid-range units mean the Sonos Playbar delivers truly amazing sound. You can even increase the bass with the Sonos SUB and enjoy a 3.1 cinematic experience or add two Play:3 speakers for the ultimate in surround sound.  No other comparable Soundbar delivers the sound and quality of the Sonos Playbar.

For the perfect Sonos system take a look at the Sonos SUB, this subwoofer doesn’t fail to excite by delivering deep and sustained bass to accompany the crisp sound of Sonos. The bass is so deep it could rattle your light shade with its dynamic and punchy sound.

Even with the deepest of bass sounds the speaker still has a refreshing lack of distortion.

Don’t forget as with all our products we have a Price Promise. We understand that offering a high quality service is not enough for everyone, we need to have competitive prices too. So if you find the same product at any other UK authorised dealer, in stock, with the same offer, and the same guarantee, at a lower price, we will try our best to match that price.

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