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Miele detergents and cleaning products

Discover All Miele Cleaning Products

Achieve the Best Results

Miele’s dedication to excellence goes beyond just their appliances; it includes their cleaning products as well. Formulated and thoroughly assessed in their specialised in-house laboratories, these products assure superior cleaning outcomes while enhancing the overall performance of your Miele appliances.

Benefit from clean exhaust air

Miele Va­cu­um Clean­er Bags & Fil­ters

Exclusive Miele vacuum cleaner bags and filters deliver the identical high quality found in their appliances, ensuring flawless compatibility and enabling you to uphold exceptional performance. Embrace the advantages of a pristine environment and home, granting you the freedom to breathe easily.

Laundry Care

Give your laundry appliances the attention they deserve with each wash and dry. Enhance the longevity of both your clothing and your appliance with our thoughtfully crafted laundry products.

Laundry Detergents

Achieve superior outcomes while preserving the quality of your clothes with our specialized range of laundry detergents. Tailored to maximize the performance of your Miele washing machine, our exclusive line ensures optimal results.


Miele has transformed laundry care with its innovative approach: the 2-phase system from Miele outperforms other liquid detergent systems in effectively washing both whites and coloureds, ensuring thorough cleanliness.

Special Purpose Detergents

Crafted for delicate items like down jackets and pillows, this design allows for their safe washing through dedicated programs. These programs are tailored to preserve the unique qualities of such items, delivering unparalleled cleaning results.

Laundry Detergent Capsules

Explore our pre-portioned detergents meticulously crafted to cleanse and protect your cherished fabrics and garments. The user-friendly Miele caps enhance the efficiency of your Miele washing machine, making laundry care a breeze.

Fragrance flacons

Guarantee that your clothes emerge from the dryer enveloped in your preferred enduring fragrance, thanks to a diverse array of timeless scents for you to select from.

Dishwasher Cleaning Products

Our detergents are specifically crafted to optimise the performance of your Miele dishwasher, ensuring consistently effortless outcomes that leave your dishes sparkling clean.

Dishwasher Tablets

Discover the ideal dishwasher tablets for your Miele with UltraTabs All-in-1. These tablets dissolve rapidly, delivering powerful and efficient cleaning performance right from the beginning of the wash cycle.


Designed for AutoDos dishwashers, our dishwasher detergent automatically administers the precise amount needed throughout the entire wash cycle, ensuring superior and more efficient results.

Simply perfect dishwashing. With Miele.

These days, dishwashing programmes differ substantially among manufacturers. This diversity is why generic detergents may not deliver the same results across all dishwashers. That’s why Miele provides detergents uniquely tailored for Miele dishwashers.

Enjoy Many Years of Reliable Service

Our appliances are designed for long-lasting durability. To enhance their lifespan and maintain their pristine appearance and optimal performance, we suggest utilising Miele care products.

Miele Appliance Care Products

Good Reasons for Choosing Miele

Built for a long life

Our products are rigorously tested for more than 20 years of reliable operation. Engineered to withstand challenges beyond the scope of daily routines, our testing methods affirm their resilience. If you can think of it, we’ve probably tested it.

Immer Besser, since 1899

From day one Miele has consistently prioritised quality, and we proudly stand behind our entire product range with confidence. Premium products require less maintenance and enjoy a longer lifespan, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.