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Introducing PowerDisk

Special Purpose Detergents

Designed for items demanding special care, such as down jackets and pillows, our design ensures they can be safely laundered with dedicated programs. These programs preserve their unique qualities, providing unparalleled cleaning results.

Maintain Unique Properties and Shape

Special fabrics need special care if you want to maintain their unique qualities. With our special purpose detergents you can safely wash items such as down filled clothing and beddings, sports gear, or high-quality outdoor clothing, without worrying about them losing their shape or performance.


Infused with lanolin for gentle cleaning, our detergent ensures that your down items maintain their elasticity, breathability, and fluffiness, without feathers sticking together.


Miele’s specialised sport detergent eliminates unpleasant odours with a special agent, maintains shape and breathability, ensuring freshness after every wash.


Allow technical gear to last longer; maintain colour, shape, and unique properties, with this lanolin-infused detergent that’s effective for 13 laundry loads.


Maintain the waterproof qualities and breathability of your clothing with ImpraProtect – good for 5 applications – designed to protect fabrics from wind, moisture, and dirt.

Miele special purpose detergents ensure your special clothing remains special. They are compatible with every Miele washing machine and go hand in hand with dedicated programs to ensure optimal washing results.

Automatically dispensed for more performance & convenience.

UltraPhase Auto Dosing

Precisely portioned to prevent under- or overdosing

Laundry Detergent Caps