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Enhance your fabric care

UltraPhase Detergents

For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos 

Discover Miele UltraPhase – our most effective and easy-to-use laundry detergent

Utilising our UltraPhase laundry detergent signifies an important step toward a highly efficient washing experience that prioritises environmental responsibility. Tailored for TwinDos washing machines, UltraPhase maximises the advantages of the automatic dosing system and dosing pumps, ensuring not only superior washing results but also a pristine and hygienic appliance.


Clean & hassle-​free

Designed specifically to make your life easier and get the most out of the TwinDos® system; once placed in its compartments, each UltraPhase agent is automatically added to the washing cycle from its own reservoir. Making every washing cycle a clean and hassle-free experience. 


30% Less Detergent

UltraPhase 1 & 2 are each added at exactly the right time, in exactly the right amount. This removes stains, preserves colours, but also saves you from wasting detergent. Don’t simply take our word for it; this has been tested and proven by the Hohenstein Institute.


For the love of our environment

UltraPhase is effective from 30 °C and up. In addition to lower temperatures being more eco-friendly, Miele detergents are also highly concentrated, meaning less packaging per washing cycle.

UltraPhase Regular

Brilliantly bright

From preserving the brightest colours to achieving a brilliantly white laundry.

UltraPhase Sensitive

Treat your skin

Excellent stain removal and colour protection – even at low temperatures – without any fragrances or colorants. The plant-based ingredients are especially beneficial for the sensitive skin.

UltraPhase Refresh Elixir

For an active life

In addition to gentle yet effective stain removal, the special formula thoroughly cleans fabrics. This ensures your clothes smell like they’ve been freshly aired, and are always ready for your next workout.

TwinDos® & UltraPhase

Designed for each other

Did getting to know our range of UltraPhase laundry detergents get you excited, but don’t own a TwinDos® washing machine yet? Discover how the automatic dosing system can save you up to 30% of detergent compared to manually dosing, by adding just the right amount at the right time.

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