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Introducing PowerDisk

An advanced and highly effective automatic dishwasher detergent

Offering the premium quality and experience you’ve come to expect from us, for superior cleaning results.

Discover PowerDisk, an automatic dishwasher detergent that does the work for you

So, what exactly is an automatic dishwasher detergent? And more importantly, how does it make your life easier?

Unlock the full potential of your Miele AutoDos dishwasher with PowerDisk, which automatically dispenses the precise amount of detergent at the perfect moment. Once inserted, it takes care of the task, allowing you to enjoy an exceptionally effective and environmentally friendly dishwashing experience with minimal effort.

Eco efficiency

PowerDisk supports all programmes, including QuickPowerWash. Unlike dishwashing tabs, they’re added at precisely the right time in the right amount. This makes your dishes sparkling clean while respecting the environment, by eliminating pre & post-rinse, with PowerDisk ECO as our pinnacle sustainable option. 

As clean as it looks

Thanks to the Active Oxygen technique, PowerDisk’s powder-granulate not only makes your dishes look sparkling clean, it also purifies and disinfects, eliminating germs and bacteria from stuck-on food residues for a truly hygienic result.  

Set it, forget it

Once placed, the PowerDisk detergent automatically spins and adds detergent to the washing cycle when needed. This power combo allows the appliance to run independently for about one month (or 20 cycles) before having to replace the container – a convenient, clean, and efficient system.  


Efficient & convenient

Miele’s original automatic dishwasher detergent based on our exclusive powder-granulate, for efficiently and hygienically cleaning your dishes. It’s designed to optimise the performance of your AutoDos dishwasher, ensuring sparkling clean dishes while at the same time reducing waste.

In perfect sync

Miele G7000 Dishwashers with PowerDisk

Our G7000 series truly is a design and engineering marvel. Combined with Miele’s PowerDisk automatic detergent, these perfectly synced dishwashing partners know exactly what your dishes need and when, automatically adding the correct amount of detergent to the water based on the selected program and temperature.