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Revolutionise home cleaning with the Shark Detect Pro range

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Detect the dirt like a pro and say goodbye to it!

In the realm of home cleaning, the Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner range emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges of maintaining a pristine living space. With its cutting-edge features, intuitive design, and unparalleled performance, this range redefines the standards of cordless vacuuming, empowering users to achieve immaculate cleanliness effortlessly.

Our favourite features

Advanced Sensor Technology
At the heart of the Shark Detect Pro lies its groundbreaking sensor technology, which detects and adapts to varying floor types automatically. Whether navigating carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles, this intelligent system optimises suction power for efficient cleaning, ensuring no dirt or debris is left behind.

Anti-Allergen Seal Technology
For households plagued by allergens and dust particles, the Shark Detect Pro is a game-changer. Equipped with Anti-Allergen Seal Technology, it effectively traps 99.9% of allergens inside the vacuum, preventing them from re-entering the air and providing relief to allergy sufferers.

Lithium-Ion Battery
No more cumbersome cords and limited mobility. The Shark Detect Pro boasts a powerful lithium-ion battery that delivers extended runtimes, enabling users to tackle large cleaning tasks without interruption. With quick-charging capabilities, it ensures minimal downtime, keeping pace with busy lifestyles.

MultiFLEX Technology
Flexibility meets efficiency with MultiFLEX Technology, a hallmark feature of the Shark Detect Pro range. Its unique design allows the vacuum to bend and reach under furniture effortlessly, accessing hard-to-reach areas and ensuring thorough cleaning throughout the home.

LED Lights
Illuminate dirt and debris in even the darkest corners with integrated LED lights. Strategically placed on the vacuum head, these lights reveal hidden messes, empowering users to achieve a deeper level of cleanliness with every pass.

Touch Controls
Streamlined controls at your fingertips. The Shark Detect Pro features intuitive touch controls, allowing users to adjust settings and switch between cleaning modes with ease. From hardwood floors to deep-pile carpets, customisation is key to achieving optimal results.

XL Dust Cup Capacity
Maximise cleaning efficiency with an extra-large dust cup capacity. Designed to accommodate more dirt and debris, the Shark Detect Pro reduces the frequency of emptying, allowing users to focus on cleaning without interruption.

The many ways you could benefit

Unrivalled Performance
With its powerful suction and intelligent design, the Shark Detect Pro delivers unparalleled performance on any surface, from carpets to hard floors. Say goodbye to lingering dirt and hello to pristine cleanliness with every use.

Effortless Manoeuvrability
Cordless convenience meets effortless manoeuvrability. Whether navigating around furniture or tackling tight spaces, the Shark Detect Pro’s lightweight and agile design make cleaning a breeze, eliminating the hassle of cords and cumbersome equipment.

Healthier Living Environment
Breathe easier with the Shark Detect Pro’s advanced filtration system. By capturing allergens and dust particles, it creates a healthier indoor environment, providing relief to allergy sufferers and promoting overall well-being for you and your family.

Time-Saving Convenience
Time is precious, and the Shark Detect Pro understands that. With its efficient cleaning capabilities and long-lasting battery life, it streamlines the cleaning process, allowing users to reclaim valuable time for the things that matter most.

Versatile Cleaning Modes
From quick cleanups to deep-cleaning sessions, the Shark Detect Pro offers versatile cleaning modes to suit every need. Whether it’s pet hair, crumbs, or dust, this range tackles messes of all sizes with ease, ensuring a consistently clean home.

Innovative Design
More than just a vacuum cleaner, the Shark Detect Pro embodies innovation at its finest. From its sleek aesthetics to its intelligent features, every aspect is designed with the user in mind, elevating the cleaning experience to new heights.

In conclusion, the Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner range represents a paradigm shift in home cleaning technology. With its advanced features, user-centric design, and uncompromising performance, it sets a new standard for excellence in the industry. Whether you’re tackling everyday messes or deep-cleaning tasks, this range empowers users to achieve pristine cleanliness with minimal effort, revolutionising the way we approach household cleaning for years to come.