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How to properly take care of your carpets

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Without regular care, carpets can become worn and damaged. Vacuum cleaning carpets regularly is essential to prevent dirt and dust from getting trapped beneath their fibres. Not only does vacuuming control soiling, but it also improves your indoor air quality.

In addition to regular vacuuming, carpet cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet and keeps it looking fresh and new.

Full room carpet cleaning is an essential part of carpet care and should be done approximately twice a year for optimal results, more often if you have a busy household. In addition to the full room carpet clean, spot cleaning is a practical solution if you have children, or pets that are prone to having the occasional accident!

Some spills are best left until they have fully dried, such as mud or chocolate, most of the debris can then then be picked or vacuumed from your carpet.

With some liquid spillages, the quicker you act to remove them from your carpet the better-the results. Blot up spilled liquid quickly and thoroughly with paper towels or a dry, white cloth. Avoid paper towels with prints or colours on them since these may transfer ink or dye onto your carpet.

Tea, coffee, red wine and even tomato sauce are best removed when wet. If you own a carpet cleaner, use it as quickly as possible to lift the liquid. Many carpet cleaners have specially formulated detergents to remove these tough stains, leaving your room looking and smelling clean and fresh!

Spots and Stains

Even with today’s stain-resistant carpet, spots and stains are inevitable – particularly when pets or children are present in the home. Treating a stain promptly is essential to remove it and prevent permanent staining.

If you don’t have a carpet cleaner or specialised detergents to hand, one effective method for removing a stain is to make a solution with white vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of both, then pour the solution onto the stained area, blotting and sponging until most of the stain has been eliminated. If some remains, repeat this process until all traces of it have been removed.

Baking Soda is a popular way to freshen and de-odourise your carpet, just sprinkle, leave for 2-3 hours then give the carpet a thorough vacuuming, ensuring all the baking soda has been removed.  This cost-effective carpet care tip can be used in many different situations, use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

What’s the best carpet cleaner to use myself?

There are many very efficient carpet cleaners on the market, and as all households are different and require a different solution for their carpet care, we recommend the well known Bissell range of carpet cleaners.

Carpet Cleaners & Spot Cleaners

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