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It’s no secret DAB+ radios are becoming ever more popular. With the frequent release of new and improved stations across the country, there couldn’t be a better time to upgrade and start enjoying digital radio to its full potential.

That’s why we’ve picked three of our favourite DAB+ radios for you to consider, no matter what your budget may be!

Good – Roberts Radio Play 20

The Roberts Play 20 radio stands out as a versatile and feature-rich device, offering a range of benefits and uses that cater to the modern audio enthusiast. One of its primary advantages is its utilisation of Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus (DAB+) technology, which provides users with crystal-clear digital radio reception. This not only ensures a superior listening experience but also expands the available station options, often with more diverse and specialised content.

Portability is a key highlight of the Roberts Play 20. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for various settings, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. The inclusion of both mains and battery power options enhances its flexibility, allowing users to enjoy their favourite stations without being tethered to a power source.

The radio also features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to stream music wirelessly from their smartphones or other compatible devices. This capability transforms the Roberts Play 20 into a multifunctional audio hub, seamlessly adapting to the user’s content preferences.

Furthermore, the device incorporates additional features such as alarms and timers, making it not just a radio but a versatile utility for daily routines. Its user-friendly interface, preset stations, and intuitive controls enhance the overall user experience, appealing to both tech-savvy individuals and those who prefer straightforward operation.

The Roberts Play 20 offers a blend of cutting-edge technology, portability, and user-friendly features, making it a valuable and adaptable device for all your audio needs.

Better – Roberts Radio Revival Uno BT

The Roberts Revival Uno BT radio seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern functionality, offering a delightful combination of classic design and cutting-edge features. Another standout feature is its DAB+ capabilities, ensuring crystal-clear reception and a vast array of radio stations. This technology enhances the listening experience by providing superior sound quality, free from the interference and limitations associated with traditional analog broadcasting.

The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity is another key feature that extends the radio’s usability. The Uno BT allows users to wirelessly connect their smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, transforming the radio into a versatile music streaming hub. This amalgamation of retro charm and contemporary convenience caters to diverse preferences, appealing to those who appreciate both the nostalgic and the modern in audio technology.

The portable and compact design of the Roberts Revival Uno BT ensures that it’s not confined to a specific space. Whether placed in a kitchen, living room, or carried outdoors, its stylish presence adds a touch of vintage class to any environment. Additionally, the radio includes auxiliary input and headphone jacks, enhancing its versatility for personal listening or connecting external devices.

With intuitive controls, preset stations, and a user-friendly interface, the Roberts Revival Uno BT caters to a wide audience. It effortlessly combines the charm of yesteryear with the convenience of today’s technology, making it a delightful and functional choice for those seeking a unique blend of style and performance in their audio experience.

Best – Ruark Audio R1S

The Ruark Audio R1S smart radio represents a pinnacle of audio innovation, effortlessly combining contemporary smart technology with timeless design. One of its primary benefits is the integration of DAB+, ensuring a superior radio experience with high-quality, interference-free digital audio. This technology not only provides access to an extensive range of radio stations but also delivers exceptional sound clarity, free from the distortions often associated with traditional analog broadcasts.

A standout feature is the smart functionality embedded in the R1S. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, users can access internet radio stations, podcasts, and music streaming services, expanding the audio landscape beyond traditional broadcasts. This versatility caters to diverse preferences, offering a comprehensive audio solution for modern consumers who seek a seamless blend of radio and internet-based content.

The R1S is designed for convenience and user-friendly operation. Its compact form factor makes it suitable for various spaces, and the intuitive controls ensure easy navigation through the myriad of features. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity allows users to wirelessly stream music from their smartphones or other compatible devices, providing a flexible and convenient audio experience.

The inclusion of multiple inputs, such as auxiliary and USB ports, further enhances the R1S’s usability. Whether connecting external devices or charging a smartphone, this smart radio serves as a versatile hub for various audio needs.

The Ruark Audio R1S stands as a testament to the marriage of classic design and modern functionality. Its benefits extend from the superior DAB+ audio quality to the smart features that cater to the diverse audio preferences of contemporary consumers, making it a compelling choice for those who value both style and performance in their audio devices.

So there we have it! Three excellent examples of a DAB+ radio. If you’re still undecided or would just like to view these in person, then feel free to visit us in store and our expert team will always be ready help.

DAB+ radios offer more variety and quality.

Are you still tuning in to traditional radio broadcasts and missing out on the latest in digital audio technology? It’s time to elevate your listening experience with DAB+ radios, the upgraded version of DAB digital radio that brings a wave of new and exciting stations right to your fingertips.

Why DAB+? More stations, more choices!

DAB+ doesn’t just offer radio; it opens the door to a world of diverse content. Depending on your location in the UK, you could enjoy over 20 additional stations, catering to every taste – from the smooth vibes of jazz and dance beats to the latest news updates and engaging talk shows. There’s even a station dedicated exclusively to kids.

Is your radio ready for the upgrade?

If you’ve recently purchased a new DAB radio, chances are you’re already equipped with DAB+. However, if your radio is a bit older, you might be missing out. The good news is that the majority of newer devices can receive both DAB and DAB+ stations. The key is to look for the digital radio tick mark on the radio or its packaging.

What’s the digital radio tick mark?

The digital radio tick mark is your guarantee for a premium digital radio experience. It certifies that the radio has been thoroughly tested and approved, ensuring it can receive FM, DAB, and DAB+ stations. This certification offers peace of mind, assuring you that your new radio will unlock all available stations at your address.

Leading manufacturers, including Roberts, Ruark, Sony, and Panasonic, proudly feature the digital radio tick mark on their products. We understand that you want the best, and that’s why we recommend radios from these trusted brands.

More than 180 stations – your audio playground awaits!

With over 180 stations broadcasting on DAB+ in the UK, the possibilities are endless. National stations, local gems, and ultra-local community and commercial stations provide a rich tapestry of content for your listening pleasure. Explore and discover the diversity that DAB+ brings to your ears.

Check your stations – know what’s available.

Curious about the stations available in your area? It’s a quick and easy way to ensure you’re not missing any of the fantastic content DAB+ has to offer. Use the ‘available stations’ button here.

Upgrade today – embrace the future of radio.

Don’t let outdated technology limit your audio experience. Upgrade to a DAB+ radio today and embrace a new era of radio broadcasting. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, news junkie, or parent looking for kid-friendly content, DAB+ has something for everyone.

Visit our store to explore our collection of digital radio tick mark certified radios from top manufacturers. Elevate your listening experience and unlock a world of sound with DAB+!

The smart choice: Heat pump tumble dryers for modern homes in the UK

In the dynamic landscape of household appliances, the humble tumble dryer has come a long way. For residents of the UK, where weather conditions often throw a curveball into our laundry plans, a heat pump tumble dryer stands out as a smart and energy-efficient solution. This innovative appliance not only helps keep your clothes dry regardless of the weather outside, but it also brings a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for any modern home.

The climate conundrum

The UK’s weather is famously unpredictable, and rain seems to be an ever-present possibility. Hanging laundry outside to dry isn’t always feasible, and even if you manage to hang them out, sudden rain can undo all your efforts. This is where a heat pump tumble dryer steps in as a saviour. It allows you to dry your clothes indoors, independent of external weather conditions. No more racing against the rain to rescue half-dried clothes from the clothesline.

Energy efficiency at its best

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a heat pump tumble dryer is its remarkable energy efficiency. Traditional tumble dryers used to be energy guzzlers, but heat pump technology has revolutionised the game. Unlike conventional dryers that use a lot of energy to heat the air, heat pump dryers recycle the hot air, using it repeatedly to dry the clothes. This significantly reduces energy consumption and ultimately cuts down your electricity bills.

Gentle drying for better fabric care

Your favourite clothes deserve the best treatment, and that includes the drying process. Heat pump tumble dryers operate at lower drying temperatures compared to conventional dryers. This gentle approach is kinder to your fabrics, helping to maintain their quality and extend their lifespan. So, whether it’s your delicate silk blouse or your cozy wool sweater, you can trust that they’ll be handled with care.

Environmental friendliness

With growing concerns about environmental impact, making eco-friendly choices is becoming increasingly important. Heat pump tumble dryers align perfectly with this ethos. By using less energy, they reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. In a world where every small effort counts, opting for an appliance that is both practical and eco-friendly is a meaningful step towards a greener planet.

Say goodbye to shrinking clothes

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a favourite sweater shrinking in the dryer. Heat pump tumble dryers significantly reduce the risk of this happening. Their lower drying temperatures minimise the potential for fabric shrinkage, helping you keep your clothes in the perfect fit and shape.

No more guesswork with sensor technology

Have you ever taken clothes out of a dryer only to find some items still damp while others are almost over-dried? Heat pump tumble dryers often come equipped with advanced sensor technology that gauges moisture levels and adjusts drying time accordingly. This ensures that your clothes are perfectly dried without any risk of over-drying, saving you time and preserving the quality of your garments.

Fits seamlessly into modern lifestyles

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. Heat pump tumble dryers cater to this need seamlessly. With programmable settings, you can time your drying cycles to match your schedule. Some models even offer smartphone connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor your dryer remotely. Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent juggling multiple tasks, this technology ensures that your laundry routine works around you. 

Aesthetics and space considerations

Modern heat pump tumble dryers come in sleek and stylish designs that can complement any contemporary home. They are often more compact than traditional dryers, making them ideal for homes where space is at a premium. Their compact size doesn’t compromise their efficiency, and they can be easily integrated into your existing laundry setup.

The financial long game

While the initial cost of a heat pump tumble dryer might be higher compared to traditional dryers, the long-term savings on energy bills can make it a financially savvy choice. Over time, the reduced energy consumption will contribute to noticeable savings, making the initial investment more than worth it.

In conclusion, for households in the UK, where the weather can throw a wrench into outdoor drying plans, a heat pump tumble dryer is an intelligent choice. Its ability to provide efficient, gentle, and weather-independent drying is unparalleled.

The environmental benefits, fabric care advantages, and modern features make it a must-have appliance for any contemporary home. By choosing a heat pump tumble dryer, you’re not just investing in convenience – you’re investing in a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and fabric-loving way of doing laundry.

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Being prepared for the new school year in September is such an exciting time for parents as they ready their kids for a year of learning, growth, and loads of fun! One of the important items on the back-to-school checklist is, of course, the school uniform – it’s like a badge of honour for every student.

We know that school uniforms can be a bit of an investment, and they have to endure everything from spills and stains to rough play and everyday wear and tear. But fear not, with a little TLC, they can stay looking fresh throughout the whole school year and even be passed down to another child or given away – that’s sustainability in action!

So, let’s dive into some friendly advice from the experts at Miele, on how to keep those uniforms looking their very best.

Check the laundry labels

First things first, always check those laundry labels. They hold the key to making your child’s school uniform last longer. Different fabrics and materials need different care, so pay attention. Delicate items like blouses or skirts might need a gentle wash setting, while sturdier pieces like trousers or shirts can handle a regular cycle. If it says “dry clean only” for blazers, please take it seriously to prevent any damage or shrinkage.

Wash colours separately

Here’s a practical tip: wash colours separately to keep each piece of the uniform looking vibrant. Mixing dark and light-coloured items can lead to colour bleeding and fading, leaving your uniforms looking a bit lacklustre. So, before you toss them into the washing machine, sort the garments into colour groups and wash them separately. You can even use a specific detergent like Miele’s ultra colour or ultra dark to help preserve their original brightness.

Inside out for school jumpers

Those school jumpers are essential, so let’s give them some extra love. Miele suggests washing them inside out. It’s a simple step that helps reduce the chances of piling or those annoying little bobbles forming, ensuring that your jumpers stay looking new and fresh for a longer time.

Pre-treat stains on shirts

Kids will be kids, and stains are part of the deal. To keep stubborn stains from setting into the fabric, make sure to pre-treat them before washing. You can use a stain remover or simply apply a bit of liquid detergent directly to the stain and gently rub it in. Let it sit for a few minutes before tossing the garment into the washing machine.

Don’t overload – the secret to great results

Nobody wants wrinkled or poorly washed uniforms, right? That’s why Miele suggests not overloading the washing machine. Follow the recommended maximum capacity for each wash program, usually mentioned in your washing machine’s manual. By doing this, your uniform items will have enough space to move around freely, ensuring a thorough and effective wash every time.

Mind those zips and buttons

Before you load up the washing machine, zip up or button down those uniforms and remove any badges. This helps prevent any snags on other garments during the wash.

Say no to quick washes

While quick washes might seem like a time-saver, Miele advises against using them for normal, dirty school uniforms. These short cycles might not give enough time for detergent to dissolve properly, leading to subpar results. Save quick cycles for freshening up clean clothes and stick to regular wash cycles to get those uniforms sparkling clean.

Reduce spin speed for less ironing

Ironing can be a chore, especially with a pile of school uniforms. Miele suggests using a program like the “minimum iron” setting if your washing machine has one. This will help keep your garments as crease-free as possible, saving you time and effort. If you don’t have this setting, consider reducing the spin speed to around 1000rpm. Your clothes may hold a bit more water, but they’ll still dry efficiently and require less ironing.

Special care for sportswear

Active kids often mean sportswear is part of the uniform laundry. Miele recommends avoiding fabric conditioners for sportswear, as they can block “breathable” fabrics. Instead, use a specialised detergent like Miele’s Sportswear detergent. It breaks down odours and helps prevent Lycra from snagging or causing static electricity in the fibres. This extra care will make sportswear last through countless games and activities.

Rotate uniforms

To avoid over-washing and excessive wear on one set of uniforms, consider having at least two sets in rotation. This way, each outfit gets more time to rest between wears and washes, reducing overall wear and tear.

Mend and repair

Lastly, instead of tossing uniforms with minor damages like loose hems, small tears, or missing buttons, take a moment to mend and repair them. Sewing on a button or fixing a small tear can breathe new life into the garment, extending its usability and reducing the need to buy replacements.

With these friendly tips in mind, you’ll have those school uniforms looking sharp and ready for action throughout the school year!

Explore the fantastic range of Miele detergents and laundry appliances today.

Stylish and easy to use

Magimix blenders make creating nutritious smoothies, soups, ice creams, nut butters and mocktails simpler than ever with just the press of one button – plus clean up is simple too!

They’ve earned themselves the Quiet Mark certification for being among the quietest on the market. Also, thanks to BlenderMix technology and ColdMix features that stabilise temperature, you can enjoy retained vitamin levels.

Nutritious smoothies and juices

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to add nutrition into your diet. A powerful blender can easily liquidise fruits and vegetables to produce thick and creamy textures – ideal for adding in bananas, strawberries, kale or spinach as ingredients.

Magimix blenders can also be used to craft healthy juices. Create delicious green smoothies featuring celery, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, beetroot, apple and much more.

Boasting a powerful blade capable of chopping, grinding and blending ingredients quickly and seamlessly – making it both an efficient food processor and powerful smoothie blender.

Easy to clean, it comes with 85 delicious and healthy recipes in its recipe book as well as its free Magimix app which provides even more inspiration. Plus its Borosilicate glass jug makes this an excellent way to prepare soups, ice cream and cocktails too!

Its five high-performance automatic programs with auto-clean feature makes preparation quick and effortless.

Blender Power 3

The Magimix Power 3 blender is outstanding value for money with numerous useful functions and an elegant glass jug. With five easy-to-use pre-set programs for smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and ice cubes as well as its automatic clean function – making this an excellent investment.

The jug is constructed of durable Borosilicate glass which resists thermal shock and has non-porous surfaces which won’t absorb stains or smells, and can easily be cleaned using warm water. Furthermore, its large motor operates quietly enough that it has earned itself the Quiet Mark.

ColdMix technology ensures maximum nutrition is received, making a healthy lifestyle more attainable and speeding up food prep time significantly. Plus, you get 85 healthy recipes plus nutritional advice and a 30 year motor guarantee – making the ColdMix an essential addition for those on a strict health kick!

Blender Power 4

Ideal for maintaining a healthier lifestyle while saving time with automatic programs to make smoothies, soups, desserts, and cocktails with just the touch of a button.

Equipped with an 1.8L Borosilicate glass jug featuring Cold Mix technology that maintains temperature so nutrients remain intact. Complete with a watertight lid, spatula and measuring cup. Enjoy crushing ice and grinding hard dense ingredients in seconds with its powerful 1300W motor that’s Quiet Mark approved.

Clean up is quick and simple, with an easily detachable blending blade for separate washing. A 30-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year parts and labour guarantee show their confidence in this device, helping make delicious smoothies and juices which assist with reaching your five a day, boost energy levels and improve digestion. Why not save time when mixing pancake batter or produce quick frozen beverages effortlessly for friends and family.

Blender Power 5XL

With its large capacity and powerful motor, this blender is ideal for larger families. Equipped with four preset functions – crushed ice, smoothies, soups and frozen desserts – allowing users to create healthy recipes quickly.

The 2L jug is constructed of strong Borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant, making it suitable for mixing hot and cold foods together. Plus, its nonporous surface makes cleaning quick and simple – and, it’s BPA free.

Magimix have designed their grooved base to help generate a double vortex to pull ingredients towards their high-grade stainless steel blades, effectively creating the ideal blend. The convenient watertight lid makes opening and closing even simpler while being dishwasher safe for continuous hassle-free cleaning.

It comes complete with an 85-recipe manual and can be used with the free Magimix recipe app, providing even more great ideas!

Nespresso coffee machines make an excellent addition to any kitchen, taking up minimal counter space while offering sleek design. Plus, they boast a genuine ease of use and maintenance, whilst achieving delicious results over and over.

Nespresso coffee machines operate by piercing a capsule and pumping hot water through it at high pressure, producing a hot beverage topped with foam.

Even though many associate Nespresso with espresso, its machines don’t just produce this one type. From ristretto to lungo and more, many models can produce beverages containing milk or espresso that satisfy various consumer preferences.

The gran lungo (pronounced grahn loon-go) is the larger of two brewing sizes available with Nespresso machines and provides the ideal blend between espresso’s intensity and regular cup coffee’s milder characteristics. Furthermore, specific models come equipped with a frother to satisfy latte and cappuccino fans, as well as fast heat up times, touchscreen displays, and even several programmable settings to customise your beverage to your exact preferences.

The Vertuo line has much to offer, from barcoded capsules and energy-saving auto-shutoff features, to its Centrifusion technology which combines high pressure and fast flow rates to deliver your cup of espresso at just the right volume and strength.

Certain models feature a larger water tank and also have the function of automatically disposing of used capsules in their built-in receptacle for an easier clean up. Plus, milk frothers enable users to produce cold and hot froth or warm and dense foam for ultimate versatility.

Nespresso machines heat up quickly and produce coffee in about 12 seconds, an incredible feat of engineering, when considering that traditional espresso brewing requires manual machines and expensive grinders to do the same job.

Vertuo Pop

Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop machine provides plenty of variety from espresso to gran lungo and beyond, using Centrifusion technology and rotating disc to extract flavourful coffee flavours at high pressure with rotating disc blending ground coffee into rich crema. Furthermore, its app keeps users informed and its built-in capsule recycler is made up of 35% recycled plastic material.

And if you’re looking for a milk function; you can purchase the separate Aeroccino for milky beverages. Furthermore, due to being so compact it has a smaller water tank and used capsule container than you’d find with traditional espresso machines; though its 30-second heating up time makes this ideal for apartment kitchens.

Vertuo Next

The Vertuo Next machine is simple to use: when pushed, its big chrome-effect lever springs open, catapulting any spent capsules into its spent capsule container in the back.

From espresso to gran lungo and beyond, there’s plenty of variety offered by this machine. Centrifusion technology utilizes an extracting method which spins its capsule at 7,000 rotations per minute to blend coffee and hot water for an amazing beverage.

Nespresso machines now feature an all-new design and come in three varieties – Next, Premium and Deluxe. Premium models add metal cup holders with touches of chrome while Deluxe machines provide larger water reservoirs. Each features energy-saving automatic shut off features and descaling alerts; additionally all Nespresso pods are now recyclable too.


Nespresso’s Citiz boasts an urban aesthetic, featuring chrome accidents on its spout, drip tray and lever. Compact yet durable, it is ideal for anyone who enjoys milk-based beverages but doesn’t require an expansive machine.

This machine provides plenty of variety from espresso to gran lungo and more, featuring fast heat-up time and touch screen display. Furthermore, its powerful steamer can produce cafe-worthy foam and texture that rivals any cafe experience.

The machine is compatible with all Nespresso capsules and features a slim footprint to fit on most kitchen counters, four colour options and an interchangeable pod bin and cup tray that can be raised to accommodate larger cups. Furthermore, its removable water tank makes refilling convenient.

So, if you don’t already adore coffee, then now is the time to start! Explore our range of Nespresso coffee machines today and find the perfect one for you.

Stop chasing after that ice cream van and treat yourself to this delicious frozen treat that can be prepared quickly in minutes. Homemade ice cream is a more nutritious, creative and cost-effective option that the whole family can enjoy.

A Summer Treat

At the height of summer heat and humidity, nothing beats a refreshing bowl of homemade ice cream to refresh and rejuvenate. Plus, homemade ice cream makes an exciting family project, providing ample opportunity for everyone to participate and devour sweet summer fruits like strawberries, bananas, mango and peaches!

No matter what your taste may be – creamy vanilla, rich chocolate or something fruity and tropical – there are recipes available for every occasion – some so easy that even young children can help make them.

Add extra ingredients into the processing cycle for an unforgettable dessert experience by running a mix-in function (if available). It evenly disperses them throughout your ice cream to add delicious bursts of flavour and texture in every bite – simply pour your favourite sweets, biscuit pieces or cereals and run this program to transform them into delectable frozen dessert.

Ninja NC300UK Ice Cream & Dessert Maker

Ninja CREAMi has become an immense social media hit, thanks to its innovative pre-freezing method that transforms ingredients into delicious frozen desserts that rival those found at traditional ice cream parlours. Working differently than other models, the CREAMi pre-freezes your base for 24 hours before using its creamify technology to turn it into soft and smooth desserts – great if you’re trying to reduce fat intake as well as vegan diets!

It features seven preset programmes, such as ice cream, gelato, sorbet, smoothie bowl, light ice cream and milkshake to help you craft delicious treats every time. Furthermore, its mix-in function lets you add chocolate chips, sweets, biscuit pieces or cereal for a completely customised dessert experience.

This home ice cream maker includes an outer bowl and lid, one paddle and three BPA-free tubs with lids – everything needed to produce up to 1.4L of delicious homemade ice cream! All removable parts are top rack dishwasher-safe making cleanup much simpler than with other self-freezing ice cream machines available on the market.

Cuisinart ICE100BCU Ice Cream Maker

If you’re looking for a more professional and robust ice cream maker, the Cuisinart ICE100BCU may be well worth your consideration. This machine can produce up to one litre of frozen dessert in approximately 45 minutes and comes complete with an instruction book as well as two paddles which can switch seamlessly between ice cream, gelato, and frozen yoghurt production.

Simple use – Simply combine your ingredients (ideally overnight in the refrigerator), pour them into the removable container, switch on and set your timer – the machine will begin making its ice cream until its automatic shut-off occurs and you can then scoop into an ice cream tub to store in your freezer!

As your ice cream churns, adding any fixings through the lid is an effective way to add extra texture or flavour. Cleaning is straightforward as all parts – bowl, paddle and lid – are dishwasher-safe.

KitchenAid 5KSMICM Ice Cream Maker Bowl

KitchenAid stand mixer owners who want to churn their own delicious and creamy frozen desserts can take advantage of this versatile attachment by pre-freezing an ice cream maker bowl, adding a dasher (plastic paddle for churning) and attaching the dasher drive assembly (which also connects it to your mixer).

This ice cream making bowl from KitchenAid feels sturdy and well made, similar to that of its stand mixer design. It is larger than previous iterations of this brand’s offerings with double walls designed to help keep ice cream cold for longer. Please be aware that placing the bowl into the freezer a minimum of 16 hours beforehand is necessary to achieve desired results.

Ice cream making bowls are safe for use in both dishwashers and hand washers, though we advise hand-washing to protect the inner bowl.

So there we have it – 3 super choices for you to craft your own ice cream at home this summer!

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If you’ve been considering buying a digital radio, you’ve probably noticed that there are a LOT of options on the market, all of which have their pros and cons. Some have great features but don’t look so great, others have the aesthetics but cost too much and some just don’t have the sound quality that you desire. The Roberts Radio Revival Petite offers all of these things and more, and is a great option for anyone looking to buy themselves a DAB radio.

Read on to find out why you should be considering the Roberts Radio Revival Petite for your next audio system:


The main thing you’re going to be looking for is something that sounds great; it’s an audio device, after all. The Roberts Radio Revival Petite offers high quality audio without the need for external speakers and unsightly wiring. It also has a bass radiator which means it offers remarkable bass and clarity for such a small piece of equipment. In fact, it was recently described by Hannah Davies, staff writer at Trusted Reviews as “a tiny retro radio with a modern sound”.


For most people, aesthetics are a very close second to sound quality when choosing a DAB radio. You want something which sounds great, but it’s also important that it looks great, too. The Roberts Radio Revival Petite has an attractive retro styling and comes in six classic colours, which means it looks great wherever you place it. The digital display makes it easy to read and the colour coded dial adds to its charming and tasteful look.


The Roberts Radio Revival Petite is the smallest radio in the Revival range. It’s ideal for placing on a sideboard without taking up too much space, but it’s just as handy for throwing in your bag for a day at the beach. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 500g, so you can even take it on holiday without worrying too much about your baggage allowance. You’ll still have plenty of room for your sun lotion!


One of the main draws of a DAB radio is the reception versus a traditional FM unit. The Roberts Radio Revival Petite has both a DAB and DAB+ receiver, AND it can also receive FM, so you’ll never find yourself in a position where you can’t get excellent reception. It also features 20 station DAB/DAB+/FM radio presets, so you’ll never be without something to listen to.

Battery Life

The Roberts Radio Revival Petite comes with a handy microUSB for charging and can be left plugged in to the mains when you’re using it at home. However, if you’re out and about, the Roberts Radio Revival Petite can give you 20 hours of uninterrupted audio playback off a single full charge. That is almost a whole day of your favourite radio stations without being tethered to a power source. The microUSB charging port also means even if you forget your dedicated charging cable, it is really easy to find another one wherever you are.


You might be surprised to learn that there are many different ways to listen with the Roberts Radio Revival Petite. As well as the DAB, DAB+ and FM options, the Roberts Radio Revival Petite has Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone, or other Bluetooth enabled devices through your radio. There is also an AUX port on the back which allows you to plug your phone in via a cable for flawless audio playback.

Ease of Use

Some audio equipment can leave you feeling like you need a degree in engineering just to operate it! Using the Roberts Radio Revival Petite couldn’t be simpler. The Roberts Radio Revival Petite has an LED display which is clear and bright with large buttons and a prominent volume knob. This means that it’s easy to use, even if you have mobility or vision issues, and stays true to its retro radio aesthetics. It’s ready to use, straight out of the box and finding a radio station to listen to couldn’t be easier.

Rave Reviews

It’s easy for us to tell you how fantastic we think the Roberts Radio Revival Petite is, but the positive reviews from people who actually own one speak for themselves. It’s frequently described in glowing terms, with reviewers calling the retro radio a ‘little gem’ and waxing lyrical about its sound quality, value for money and desirable design. In fact, we’ve yet to see a review with anything less than liberal lashings of love for the Roberts Radio Revival Petite.


If the last couple of years has taught us anything it’s that loneliness can be difficult to bear. People who live alone have felt very isolated and the effect on mental health has been unfortunate. According to statistics, the age group most likely to listen to the radio are over 56, and this is often because they like to have another voice to listen to if they live alone. Having a Roberts Radio Revival Petite in the house gives people the opportunity to listen to the radio, as well as audiobooks and podcasts, which can help to boost feelings of wellbeing.


The final and perhaps most important factor is the price. This retro radio could be the best gadget in the world, but if it doesn’t fit your budget, it’s not going to work for you. The good news is, the Roberts Radio Revival Petite comes in at just under one hundred pounds, which means that you’re getting a huge amount for your money when you invest in one. Given the fact that it performs as not only a radio but a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, it’s actually a bit of a bargain.

We’re sure that these points will be enough to convince you to purchase your very own Roberts Radio Revival Petite but the only way you’ll really know if this retro radio is for you is to go ahead and buy one!

As spring arrives, it’s time to break out the brooms and dusters to get your house in prime condition for summer. But before you begin sweeping and dusting, take some time to create a plan.

Cleaning your house will be much simpler if you break it up into smaller tasks rather than trying to complete everything at once, especially if you’re busy with kids or work.

Catch the Cobwebs

Cobwebs are a common sight in homes. They’re usually found in the upper corners, behind furniture and around light fixtures.

But they are more than a visual issue; they also attract spiders. Spiders are renowned for their incredible web-building abilities, so it’s imperative to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Thankfully, there are numerous non-chemical ways to remove and clean cobwebs without using anything unpleasant. Furthermore, keeping your home free of dust and allergens is essential for a healthy home environment.

Avoiding Dust and Allergens

Dust and allergens can be the triggers for many allergy symptoms, so it’s best to steer clear of them while you do your spring cleaning.

Vacuum frequently and use a HEPA filter to reduce dust accumulation in your air.

Another effective way to minimise your exposure to allergens is by clearing unused or unwanted items from your home. Clutter can also contribute to keeping the air cleaner, since things don’t accumulate as quickly and there’s less dirt for you to vacuum.

Clean your Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets accumulate dust, dirt, and other pollutants which can negatively impact air quality. With spring in full swing, now is the ideal time to give your rugs and carpets some extra attention so they are ready for you and your family!

Homemade cleaning solutions such as vinegar and water can help remove stains on natural fibre rugs. However, if the stain persists, you may need to try a specialist floor care detergent instead.

Then Upholstery

Upholstered furniture can become a breeding ground for spills and dirt over time, leading to fabric fiber wear that makes cleaning harder.

Your upholstery furniture will always look its best with regular cleaning and prevent the need for costly replacement.

Also Car Seats

Car seats can get a lot of grime over time, from food crumbs to sun cream streaks. Little messes like these add up over time and make your seat appear worse for wear.

Begin by vacuuming your car seats to eliminate all dirt and debris. Doing this will prevent them from being pushed deeper into the upholstery when using wet cleaners.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice if you want to quickly and easily clean your home without the strain of having to haul out a heavy-duty vacuum. Plus, their small design allows for easier access into tight places that a corded upright cleaner may not be able to reach.

A reliable cordless vacuum should possess strong suction power and an impressive battery life. Furthermore, it should be able to reach into tight places like under furniture with ease.

Carpet Washers

Spring is again the ideal time for a deep clean of your carpets. Doing this will get rid of dust, pollen and other particles that have built up during the winter.

Carpet cleaners can also remove stains left behind by children and pets. Investing in a quality carpet cleaner this season for optimal cleanliness and freshness throughout your home.

Multi Surface Cleaners

Having the correct cleaning products in your home will save you both time and money. Instead of purchasing different cleaners for each surface, invest in a multi-surface cleaner that works across all surfaces.

These products come with a range of features and are ideal for any season. They can be used on countertops, tile and wood; some even work on granite and sealed stone surfaces! Just remember to read the directions thoroughly and test it on an inconspicuous area before use.


Still undecided? Visit us in-store at our Ber Street location in central Norwich. Alternatively, call us on 01603 621772 or email us at sales@geraldgiles.co.uk for more information or advice on which carpet cleaner would be your best choice.

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Looking after your coffee machine is very important for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, coffee machines, for many people, are an investment, so keeping your machine running to the best of its ability will ensure it produces the best cups of coffee for years to come.

Because they are warm and damp, coffee machines can easily breed germs and bacteria – gross, we know. However, a thorough routine clean and continued maintenance will help to keep any nasties at bay.

Many people don’t realise that their machine requires regular maintenance, so if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your coffee machine, don’t sweat it. No one wants their machine ruined by a build-up of limescale or mould, so keeping your machine in working order will help to deliver quality taste and aroma. Read our top tips for how to care for your machine below.

  1. Create useful habits.

When you’ve finished using your coffee machine, taking away the removable parts and washing them will help to remove any coffee build-up. Usually, the drip tray and filters are removable and dishwasher safe.

Wiping down the steam wand will also remove any dry milk and bacteria. It is also helpful to keep a designated steaming cloth that doesn’t contaminate any other area of your kitchen. Washing this cloth regularly will also prevent dampness and the build-up of germs getting into your milk!

  1. Don’t forget to turn off your appliance.

Leaving your coffee machine on overnight not only wastes electricity but can damage the longevity of your appliance. So, turn off your machine when it is not in use to conserve energy and keep your machine operating to the best of its ability.

Leaving your coffee machine on all the time will increase the likelihood of degraded wiring and heating which can lead to a costly repair or total replacement.

Turning your machine off when you’re not using it will result in perfect espresso and reduced energy bills – score!

  1. Remove any coffee grounds.

Whilst you simply may forget, especially if you’re entertaining guests, leaving coffee grounds in your machine can quickly cause bacteria to grow.

A fun fact we love is that coffee grounds can be used in the garden for composting. With an espresso machine, it’s easy to get into the habit of rinsing the group head and disposing of coffee grounds before making your next latte art masterpiece.

It’s also a good idea not to over-tamper your coffee. Pushing too much into the filter basket so that water can’t pass through can cause an immediate build-up and leakage, something no one wants to deal with! Coffee machine leaks can be dangerous and cause irreversible damage to your machine.

  1. Invest in high-quality cleaning products through Gerald Giles.

Whilst we wish it were true, cleaning your machine with just tap water isn’t an effective cleaning method. Fortunately, many coffee machine descalers on the market help to backflush the machine.

Whilst some may recommend using a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, this won’t work for all appliances and could do more harm than good. It is worth following the recommended maintenance in the handbook of your brand-specific machine.

Backflushing refers to removing all build-up from the valves and tubes. Doing this just once a week can prevent any limescale damage. If your machine suffers from calcium deposits, then consider using filtered water to clean and make espresso.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Cleaning bean-to-cup coffee machines like the Miele CVA7445 PureLine Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine With Cup sensor often seem like the biggest job, but you’ll be pleased to know these machines require very little maintenance.

This clever appliance includes a wide range of maintenance and cleaning programmes doing the hard work for you. With removable components and automatic cleaning processes, limescale and mould are a thing of the past.

Although these machines seem like they don’t require regular cleaning, like any appliance, they do. Forgetting to clean your machine regularly can result in wasted coffee and very bitter tasting espresso.

At Gerald Giles, we also stock Miele GPCC001C AutoCleaner for automatic cleaning of Miele coffee machines. This can be bought either as a one-time purchase or a yearly subscription. The Miele AutoCleaner removes residue from the brew unit and milk pipework, lasting for around 1 year. What better way to keep your appliance in running order?

Espresso Machines

For traditional style espresso machines like the Smeg ECF01BLUK Espresso Coffee Machine 50’s Retro Style and the KitchenAid 5KES6503BBK Artisan Semi Automatic Espresso Machine, regular cleaning will have to be done by hand. However, these appliances include many removable, dishwasher safe pieces making routine maintenance a breeze.

With espresso machines, the brew head, where the hot water is dispensed from, will need to be regularly cleaned and flushed. If you use a finer ground coffee, you may need to unblock the filter baskets which can get clogged very easily.

The portafilter of your appliance may also need to be unclogged occasionally. Cleaning this will help to keep your espresso tasting great. Most espresso machines include a pin to specifically clean the portafilter and detailed instructions on how to maintain machine hygiene.

Ultimately, keeping your coffee machine clean will help to conserve power and avoid any replacements in the future. Partaking in daily upkeep and a routine deep clean every now and then will help your machine to work a lot more efficiently.

Happy brewing!

At Gerald Giles, we stock a wide range of best-selling branded coffee machines helping you to bring quality coffee straight to your kitchen.

If you’re interested in buying a coffee machine, visit us in-store at our Ber Street location in Norwich. Alternatively, call us on 01603 621772 or email us at sales@geraldgiles.co.uk for more information or assistance in coffee machine maintenance.

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Want to treat yourself to a new DAB radio but don’t know where to begin? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this guide on the best DAB radios around. At Snellings, we highly recommend the Roberts Radio range, providing lasting, quality sound. Below, we walk you through our top three Roberts Radios to help you decide what DAB radio is best for you.

Roberts Radio has been producing quality audio products since 1932, intending to change the listening experience for every customer. To them, it’s about how the audio sounds and how the overall device delivers this, ultimately providing a stylish touch to your home and making your day a little bit better every time you turn the radio on. Every Roberts product is designed to be “seen, touched and heard”. Taking inspiration from 1950s design to modern collaborations with artists of the 21st century, Roberts Radio has been a household name offering the very best of sound for nearly a century.

Coming in third place in our top recommendations is the Roberts Radio Play 20 DAB+ FM RDS Digital Radio with Colour Display. This compactly built radio lets you take both DAB+ and FM radio on the go with you. Wherever your destination, the hardy Play 20 features rubber bumpers making it the perfect travelling companion for a festival or just a spot of gardening outdoors. Lightweight and available in a range of colours, the Play 20 is a great musical accompaniment to have at your side.

Featuring up to 20 stations, you can easily switch between your favourites with total ease. This is mainly due to the full-colour display and simple design, making navigation as easy as pie. Although the Play 20 may be small, it sure makes up for this with a wide range of essential features, including digital and analogue listening options, a built-in battery charger, a headphone socket, and a lock switch. What more could you ask for from a radio?

Slim and sleek, it’s not hard to see why the Play 20 is a crowd favourite. If you’re looking for a DAB radio perfect for quickly packing away or fitting into a rucksack, this Roberts Radio is the way to go, making you the sure favourite of your next camping or hiking trip.

Our second favourite Roberts Radio? The Roberts Radio RD70PC Roberts Revival FM/DAB/DAB+ Retro Radio, of course! This retro radio pays homage to the classic designs of the 1950s; with 6 colours to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! And, with an additional 22 presets, you can tune into your favourite stations at any time with total ease and enjoyment. With this Roberts Retro Radio, you’ll never be late for the school run or work again. By setting the alarm feature, you can choose to wake up to a standard buzzer or the radio, kicking off your day in the best possible way.

This well-built radio is acoustically handcrafted, giving it an authentic vintage feel with none of the vintage problems you might expect to find with older devices true to the period. With additional Bluetooth connectivity, you get all the benefits of modern audio at the flick of a switch. Whether you’re looking to listen to your favourite podcast or album, Bluetooth streaming makes it easy to connect to your device every time. Looking, sounding and connecting better than ever is at the heart of the Revival RD70, an improved rendition of the classic Revival, a family favourite.

The Revival model has been a firm preference amongst music lovers since 1956, and did you know it’s modelled on the shape of Harry Roberts’ wife’s handbag? A true 50s homage, with gold accents and minimalist shape, this popular wooden cabinet radio is one of our bestsellers for plenty of good reasons. It would also make the perfect gift for the vintage lover or music aficionado in your life.

The Roberts Radio Stream 67 Smart Audio System is our top recommendation for powerful sound in one compact package, offering everything you’d want and expect from a DAB radio and even more. The Stream 67 has all your bases covered when it comes to playing music. Delivering rich, smooth music in a small but powerful system, this two-way stereo offers a full range and refined vocal quality. With a 5-position equaliser plus additional bass, mid-range and treble controls, you can work with your new smart audio system to find the right sound.

The high level of detail sets this device apart from the rest. Whilst Roberts are known for their commitment to vintage devices, the Stream 67 provides a breath of fresh air whilst remaining loyal to vintage-inspired design. Set to pave the way for the future of radio, this impressive device is also voice control compatible with other smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, perfect for when you’re juggling mealtimes or work-from-home responsibilities.

The system can also be controlled through the impressive UNDOK app. This free app is developed exclusively by Roberts Radio, offering you complete control of your streaming music as well as sound settings such as equaliser and bass. As a smart device, it is also compatible with popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music and Tidal. This makes the Stream 67 able to play almost anything … pretty impressive if you ask us. It’s also CD and DLNA compatible, making it all the more comprehensive in terms of streaming capability.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) makes it easy to find additional devices on your home network. Once connected, you can stream easily from them via your Wi-Fi. Whether streaming through your PC, Mac, or NAS drive, the Stream 67 can handle it all, compatible with a wide variety of audio files, including MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC and ALAC.

An additional little perk is the USB socket. Connecting to any USB device and working with the same range of files as the DLNA streamer, simply plug in your smartphone and unwind. The Stream 67 can charge your devices for you, making it the ideal dock for both playback and charging. You’ll also find fitted headphone and AUX sockets, ideal if you’re interested in connecting an MP3 player full of your favourite tunes.

We’d expect nothing less from Roberts Radio as they continue to lead the way in DAB radio. If you’re looking for a new radio, why not take our advice and choose one of our top DAB recommendations? Alternatively, take a look at our website, where you’re sure to find a device perfect for your every need.

Or, for product demonstrations, pop into one of our Norfolk stores. Here, our excellent team of friendly staff can help to answer any enquiries about electrical devices. We’re not known as the experts in electrical appliances for nothing! At Snellings and Gerald Giles, we have over 73 combined years in helping and advising customers; choose us for your home appliance needs.

You can also call us on 01603 712202 or email us at sales@snellings.co.uk. We’re also available via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, so be sure to follow us for up-to-date offers and discounts on a wonderful range of products.

Gone are the days of sitting around a small television only capable of showing a limited number of channels with a terrible signal. In less than a hundred years, television is at the forefront of media, offering high-quality pictures with exceptional sound. Whilst this is an amazing example of the powers of technology, it can feel a tad overwhelming trying to decide what TV to buy if you’re ready for an upgrade.

Nowadays, most customers also buy a soundbar to sit underneath or in front of their TV. Soundbars are a great way of taking your TV sound to the next level, and lots of people wouldn’t even consider purchasing a TV without one. Thin and elongated soundbars are an excellent addition if you’re looking for a better sound experience with minimal fuss. Not only do they provide similar audio to surround sound (perfect for your movie nights), but with most soundbars you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, making use of a living room speaker, a great choice if you have guests to entertain.

To help you on your mission of sourcing a new TV and soundbar, we’ve created a detailed guide filled with our top 3 recommendations for each device.

Firstly, is the Samsung QE65Q80BATXXU (2022) 65-inch Q80B QLED 4K HDR 1500 Smart TV. Samsung’s Q80B QLED 4K TV brings the cinema experience straight to your home. With 3D surround sound, you’ll feel you’re actually on the screen, running away from dinosaurs or hiding from zombies if that’s your thing.

With 6 multi-dimensional speakers, this Samsung TV automatically adjusts the brightness and upscales the resolution of whatever you’re watching, whether it be the night-time news or a new Hollywood blockbuster. This means you can wave goodbye to glare and adjusting your blinds and say hello to an immersive experience. With the Samsung Smart Hub, you can take advantage of a vast array of 4K films, TV shows and all the catch-up apps you could ever need! Placing everything on one platform gives you the time to enjoy all the shows and films you love without having to search far and wide for them.

As a smart TV, the Samsung Q80B QLED 4K can seamlessly pair with a soundbar to take the audio experience one step further. One of our most highly recommended soundbars is the Bose TV Speaker Soundbar. Small but effective, this Bose device improves overall TV sound whilst simultaneously delivering spatial and natural audio, ultimately resulting in clarified speech. This makes it a great addition to your home if you’re into dramas, news, or sports. Through dialogue mode, forget about trying to turn the subtitles on and instead sit back and relax, hearing elevated vocals the way they were intended.

This device operates through Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to any TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI™ cable. Its remote also includes a “Bass” button for additional rich sound. Pretty remarkable for a speaker of its size. You can also expand your system to include a wired subwoofer by adding a Bose Bass Module and a 3.5mm audio cable.

Our second top TV recommendation is the Sony XR65A80KU (2022) 65-inch Bravia XR 4K HDR OLED Google TV. This incredible TV uses Cognitive Processing technology to understand how humans truly see and hear. This results in immersive viewing and allows you to hear TV dialogue without turning up the volume. Finding it difficult to hear the audio in your movie? Voice Zoom technology works immediately, analysing and enhancing audio for complete clarity.

With additional 3D Surround Upscaling, you can experience surround sound without swapping your living room for the local cinema. Light sensor technology works wonders within this Sony TV, creating ambience and mood-setting. In addition, light sensors also help you see whatever you are watching clearly and free from obstruction, no matter the weather outside.

When it seems that the Sony XR6580KU has given all it has to offer, there’s still more! Acoustic Auto Calibration means that your TV can detect your position wherever you are in the room so that you can still enjoy the same sound level as you would if you were sitting centre stage.

We recommend connecting a soundbar such as the Sony HTG700CEK Soundbar with Dolby Atmos for additional sound benefits. Dolby Atmos fills any room with immersive surround sound making your home the perfect place to host movie nights or streaming parties. Dolby Atmos means that audio is not limited to vertical or horizontal movement but can instead be enjoyed through the entire space of your room, resulting in a mesmerising blend of sound and audio.

However, our top TV recommendation at Snellings is the Samsung QE65S95BATXXU (2022) 65-inch Quantum Dot OLED 4K HDR Smart TV. This new Samsung OLED TV combines natural brightness with colour to create a beautiful picture every time you turn on the TV! With self-illuminating pixels and a powerful AI-Powered processor, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to see the full depth of your favourite TV show or movie again.

This Samsung TV achieves great heights by combining 20 multi-layer neural networks to analyse images and restore the moments that matter. Ultimately, this means you and your loved ones can gather to watch all forms of media in 4K, whether that is sports, movies, or TV shows, even if they’ve not been filmed that way! This stunning Samsung TV makes the perfect addition to any home that prides itself on a minimalist feel. Super-stylish and ultra-slim, this device has been crafted to provide beautiful views whether you nab the armchair or the sofa.

With multi-channel speakers, you won’t constantly reach for the remote to higher the volume. Go that extra mile and immerse yourself in the action of the movies by adding a soundbar. Our number one soundbar recommendation is the Sonos Arc Smart Soundbar for TV Movies and Music. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this Sonos soundbar is the best way to watch TV and movies. It also provides excellent bass levels and acoustics for music, and whether you use it for a solo dance workout in your living room or a family party, the choices are endless. It also makes a great speaker for gaming, offering a surround sound experience with Dolby Atmos technology.

Unlike other soundbars, the Sonos Arc Smart Soundbar uses voice enhancement technology so you can hear every line of every show, never having to rewind and turn up the volume again. Created with the assistance of Oscar-winning sound engineers, the Sonos Arc stands proudly above the rest, providing a quality cinema experience to all who sit down to watch. This clever little device also includes built-in Google Assistant and Amazon, meaning your cupboards or TV stand won’t be cluttered with multiple smart devices. Whether you’re playing music, checking the weather, or listening to an audiobook, the Sonos Arc can provide all you need.

Knowing what to expect from a TV and soundbar can help you take the plunge. It’s also helpful to consider what you want from your new devices, hence why we’ve created our top product buying guide. If you’re ready to buy, simply purchase online today or pop into one of our Norfolk stores! Alternatively, you can chat with a member of our team who will be happy to answer any queries or concerns.