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Cottage Style Shaker Kitchens

Cottage Style Shaker Kitchens

Cottage style kitchens bring nature inside the home

Do you want a bit of country air in your home/flat? A kitchen in cottage style makes it possible. Natural materials and turned designs allow you to forget the hectic city life and are reminiscent of that quieter life in the country. Fresh pastel tones and natural colours, traditional patterns such as plaids or floral décors make cottage style kitchens a natural haven and family meeting place.

Stone grey

Skilfully mastered details.
This casually arranged cottage kitchen impresses through the details that make a perfect kitchen what it is. For instance, with shorter working distances, an integrated seating area at the cooking island and plenty of storage in the XL base units.


Cottage style minus the cliché.
Without the cliché overload of decorative elements, our modern cottage style range effortlessly exudes exactly what we expect from a contemporary take on the cottage atmosphere: A comfortable feeling of security and belonging, in which your life in all its colour and intensity feels right at home. The fronts in White matt classic style derive from this, but are straightlined and airy – the modern cottage doesn’t show off, but instead embraces a real home.

Reed green

A green oasis.
Green nourishes the soul. This adage also holds true for kitchen furnishings. As restrained as modern cottage style is in terms of design, it is all the more easy-going in its lighthearted use of subdued colours like this stunning shade of Reed green. In combination with the large-scale use of stone décor in the worktop and the selective wood accents, this kitchen creates a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character.

Fjord blue

It’s the epitome of comfort
Some moments connect generations. The kitchen is that part of the home where everyone meets and has a good, happy time together. The feeling you have when cooking, eating and having fun together is wonderful.Fjord blue sets the tone and creates a peaceful, modern atmosphere
with a splash of homely cosiness.

Honed white

New cosiness.
A modern cottage style kitchen that offers a lot: for example, cast iron handles, straight framed glass doors with glass inserts, innovative lighting and high dresser units. A new, no-frills homeliness.

Slate grey matt

Pure Cosiness
Your first home together, first child, first kitchen there’s always a lot for young families to do so it’s good to have support.

A cottage style kitchen is perfect for the different phases of family life, for organising everyday life and it is also a placewhere you feel good whenever you’re there. Items for lovers of the modern cottage style: the shade slate grey is the charming, more muted alternative to our light shades and looks contemporary, modern and individual.

SYLT 847
Honed alpine white

Passion for beautiful things.
The decorative, open storage space gives the rather classic living room / kitchen a particularly creative and homely atmosphere – including the latest kitchen and appliance technology. Breathe a sigh of relief and feel good!

SYLT 849
Honed ivory

Lovely cottage!
Cottage style kitchens with lacquer fronts radiate a natural elegance. The Ivory colour gives the whole room an upbeat, sunny mood. A perfect spot to spend time with friends and family.

Nobilia SYLT 851
Honed black kitchen

SYLT 851
Honed black

A modern composition!
The contrast between contemporary architecture and cottage style kitchens could hardly be larger and yet, is currently right on trend. The traditional cottage style presentation discreetly stays in the background of this sample kitchen, while elements of modern industrial design take centre stage.

YORK 901
Lacquered satin grey

Real wood encounters cottage style.
Real wood fronts radiate superior quality and a natural material aesthetic. Which is why they are ideally suited for staging a modern cottage look with class/style/elan. Clear shapes, natural colours and an abundance of alluring details such as wickerwork pull-out baskets, framed glass doors with inlays or bottle racks lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel-good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of traditional and modern style.

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We take pride in delivering excellence. Each kitchen undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our highest standards before reaching your home.

Nobilia fitted kitchens at gerald giles norwich

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We listen attentively to your needs, providing personalised service and support from concept to completion.

Nobilia fitted kitchens at gerald giles norwich

Innovation and Functionality
Our kitchens aren’t just beautiful—they’re designed for practicality too. We incorporate innovative features and smart solutions to make your kitchen a joy to use every day.

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Thanks to our impartial stance, we can provide our customers with impartial and expert guidance. Whether you’re exploring choices for a cutting-edge smart oven, a Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator, or seeking advice on the kitchen style that best suits your home’s character, we are here to assist you in navigating the intricacies and making the decision-making process seamless and stress-free.

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