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Add a bit of magic to your mix with Magimix blenders

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Stylish and easy to use

Magimix blenders make creating nutritious smoothies, soups, ice creams, nut butters and mocktails simpler than ever with just the press of one button – plus clean up is simple too!

They’ve earned themselves the Quiet Mark certification for being among the quietest on the market. Also, thanks to BlenderMix technology and ColdMix features that stabilise temperature, you can enjoy retained vitamin levels.

Nutritious smoothies and juices

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to add nutrition into your diet. A powerful blender can easily liquidise fruits and vegetables to produce thick and creamy textures – ideal for adding in bananas, strawberries, kale or spinach as ingredients.

Magimix blenders can also be used to craft healthy juices. Create delicious green smoothies featuring celery, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, beetroot, apple and much more.

Boasting a powerful blade capable of chopping, grinding and blending ingredients quickly and seamlessly – making it both an efficient food processor and powerful smoothie blender.

Easy to clean, it comes with 85 delicious and healthy recipes in its recipe book as well as its free Magimix app which provides even more inspiration. Plus its Borosilicate glass jug makes this an excellent way to prepare soups, ice cream and cocktails too!

Its five high-performance automatic programs with auto-clean feature makes preparation quick and effortless.

Blender Power 3

The Magimix Power 3 blender is outstanding value for money with numerous useful functions and an elegant glass jug. With five easy-to-use pre-set programs for smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and ice cubes as well as its automatic clean function – making this an excellent investment.

The jug is constructed of durable Borosilicate glass which resists thermal shock and has non-porous surfaces which won’t absorb stains or smells, and can easily be cleaned using warm water. Furthermore, its large motor operates quietly enough that it has earned itself the Quiet Mark.

ColdMix technology ensures maximum nutrition is received, making a healthy lifestyle more attainable and speeding up food prep time significantly. Plus, you get 85 healthy recipes plus nutritional advice and a 30 year motor guarantee – making the ColdMix an essential addition for those on a strict health kick!

Blender Power 4

Ideal for maintaining a healthier lifestyle while saving time with automatic programs to make smoothies, soups, desserts, and cocktails with just the touch of a button.

Equipped with an 1.8L Borosilicate glass jug featuring Cold Mix technology that maintains temperature so nutrients remain intact. Complete with a watertight lid, spatula and measuring cup. Enjoy crushing ice and grinding hard dense ingredients in seconds with its powerful 1300W motor that’s Quiet Mark approved.

Clean up is quick and simple, with an easily detachable blending blade for separate washing. A 30-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year parts and labour guarantee show their confidence in this device, helping make delicious smoothies and juices which assist with reaching your five a day, boost energy levels and improve digestion. Why not save time when mixing pancake batter or produce quick frozen beverages effortlessly for friends and family.

Blender Power 5XL

With its large capacity and powerful motor, this blender is ideal for larger families. Equipped with four preset functions – crushed ice, smoothies, soups and frozen desserts – allowing users to create healthy recipes quickly.

The 2L jug is constructed of strong Borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant, making it suitable for mixing hot and cold foods together. Plus, its nonporous surface makes cleaning quick and simple – and, it’s BPA free.

Magimix have designed their grooved base to help generate a double vortex to pull ingredients towards their high-grade stainless steel blades, effectively creating the ideal blend. The convenient watertight lid makes opening and closing even simpler while being dishwasher safe for continuous hassle-free cleaning.

It comes complete with an 85-recipe manual and can be used with the free Magimix recipe app, providing even more great ideas!