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The best care for those school uniforms

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Being prepared for the new school year in September is such an exciting time for parents as they ready their kids for a year of learning, growth, and loads of fun! One of the important items on the back-to-school checklist is, of course, the school uniform – it’s like a badge of honour for every student.

We know that school uniforms can be a bit of an investment, and they have to endure everything from spills and stains to rough play and everyday wear and tear. But fear not, with a little TLC, they can stay looking fresh throughout the whole school year and even be passed down to another child or given away – that’s sustainability in action!

So, let’s dive into some friendly advice from the experts at Miele, on how to keep those uniforms looking their very best.

Check the laundry labels

First things first, always check those laundry labels. They hold the key to making your child’s school uniform last longer. Different fabrics and materials need different care, so pay attention. Delicate items like blouses or skirts might need a gentle wash setting, while sturdier pieces like trousers or shirts can handle a regular cycle. If it says “dry clean only” for blazers, please take it seriously to prevent any damage or shrinkage.

Wash colours separately

Here’s a practical tip: wash colours separately to keep each piece of the uniform looking vibrant. Mixing dark and light-coloured items can lead to colour bleeding and fading, leaving your uniforms looking a bit lacklustre. So, before you toss them into the washing machine, sort the garments into colour groups and wash them separately. You can even use a specific detergent like Miele’s ultra colour or ultra dark to help preserve their original brightness.

Inside out for school jumpers

Those school jumpers are essential, so let’s give them some extra love. Miele suggests washing them inside out. It’s a simple step that helps reduce the chances of piling or those annoying little bobbles forming, ensuring that your jumpers stay looking new and fresh for a longer time.

Pre-treat stains on shirts

Kids will be kids, and stains are part of the deal. To keep stubborn stains from setting into the fabric, make sure to pre-treat them before washing. You can use a stain remover or simply apply a bit of liquid detergent directly to the stain and gently rub it in. Let it sit for a few minutes before tossing the garment into the washing machine.

Don’t overload – the secret to great results

Nobody wants wrinkled or poorly washed uniforms, right? That’s why Miele suggests not overloading the washing machine. Follow the recommended maximum capacity for each wash program, usually mentioned in your washing machine’s manual. By doing this, your uniform items will have enough space to move around freely, ensuring a thorough and effective wash every time.

Mind those zips and buttons

Before you load up the washing machine, zip up or button down those uniforms and remove any badges. This helps prevent any snags on other garments during the wash.

Say no to quick washes

While quick washes might seem like a time-saver, Miele advises against using them for normal, dirty school uniforms. These short cycles might not give enough time for detergent to dissolve properly, leading to subpar results. Save quick cycles for freshening up clean clothes and stick to regular wash cycles to get those uniforms sparkling clean.

Reduce spin speed for less ironing

Ironing can be a chore, especially with a pile of school uniforms. Miele suggests using a program like the “minimum iron” setting if your washing machine has one. This will help keep your garments as crease-free as possible, saving you time and effort. If you don’t have this setting, consider reducing the spin speed to around 1000rpm. Your clothes may hold a bit more water, but they’ll still dry efficiently and require less ironing.

Special care for sportswear

Active kids often mean sportswear is part of the uniform laundry. Miele recommends avoiding fabric conditioners for sportswear, as they can block “breathable” fabrics. Instead, use a specialised detergent like Miele’s Sportswear detergent. It breaks down odours and helps prevent Lycra from snagging or causing static electricity in the fibres. This extra care will make sportswear last through countless games and activities.

Rotate uniforms

To avoid over-washing and excessive wear on one set of uniforms, consider having at least two sets in rotation. This way, each outfit gets more time to rest between wears and washes, reducing overall wear and tear.

Mend and repair

Lastly, instead of tossing uniforms with minor damages like loose hems, small tears, or missing buttons, take a moment to mend and repair them. Sewing on a button or fixing a small tear can breathe new life into the garment, extending its usability and reducing the need to buy replacements.

With these friendly tips in mind, you’ll have those school uniforms looking sharp and ready for action throughout the school year!

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