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Miele touch control

When something is designed well, we often don’t even think about its functionality when using it. In fact, the less you think about the usability of your kitchen appliances, the more efficiently it means they’re working.

Trusted manufacturer Miele has often looked for ways to improve the way our kitchen appliances work. Innovations like FlexiClip runners and Push2Open drawers have made their ovens and other appliances quick and easy to use and reduced the stress of working in the kitchen.

One area that the manufacturer has spent considerable time working on is control systems. Well-designed control systems should be intuitive to use and simple enough for even novice cooks to master quickly. Stylish as well as practical, Miele control systems help to make their appliances even more usable.

H2265B Active Built in Single Oven Miele 1Miele H2265B Active Single Built-in Oven

The Miele H2265B Active Single Built-in Oven is a great choice for busy households and keen cooks. The appliance comes complete with PerfectClean technology, making it easy to keep the oven looking like new.

The Miele H2265B oven features EasyControl, a specially designed system that allows you to change settings quickly and easily.

Like many of the ovens in the Miele range, this model has an A+ energy rating. This means it’s ideal for homeowners who are looking to reduce their household bills and minimise their carbon footprint.

The oven has a 76-litre capacity, a fan grill, an intensive bake setting, a gentle bake setting and bottom heat. The front of the oven remains cool even when it’s in use, helping to protect you and your family from burns.

Miele DGC6600XL CLST PureLine 45cm Combination Steam Oven

If you like your meals to be healthy, fast and delicious, a steam oven will make a great addition to your kitchen. This DGC6600XL offers a high-quality combination steam oven from Miele that distributes heat evenly through the space and offers nine different cooking settings. Built-in programmes work out precise cooking times and temperatures, so you can guarantee great results every time.

SensorTronic controls make the appliance incredibly easy to use, allowing you to adjust its settings quickly and easily. If you want to achieve precise results, use the oven’s food probe to automatically adjust times and heat settings to suit the ingredients you’re cooking.

Miele’s advanced controls make using the brand’s appliances easier to use than ever. Despite their complex functions, Miele products are intuitive to programme and will help you to achieve great results every time.

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