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Rethink what a blender can do.

More than smoothies. From light and silky to thick and spreadable, create a variety of textures tailored to your taste with these next-generation blenders. With innovative Smart Torque, now you can create luxuriously thick textures, exactly as you like them.

Get more from your appliances with Ninja. Let us help you find the best blender for you.


How does it work?

Designed for thick mixtures with less liquid, Ninja’s Smart Torque motor maintains the high speed to deliver uninterrupted power and performance – no stalling, no stirring, no shaking. The Power Nutri Bowl features a built-in Power Paddle to push ingredients towards the blade, so there’s no need to scrape or shake thick mixtures.

Love smoothies? You’ll love smoothie bowls

Want to create smoothie bowls so thick they won’t fall off your spoon? Many blenders struggle to create a thick enough mixture, stalling the motor unless extra liquid is added. Thanks to Smart Torque, our innovative Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blenders easily transform delicious frozen fruits into a luxuriously thick base for your smoothie bowl, ready to be topped with your favourite treats and enjoyed with a spoon. Why settle for less?

Auto-iQ Technology

No more guesswork. Specifically engineered for each attachment, Ninja’s unique Auto-iQ programs do all the hard work for you, delivering the results you want at the touch of a button.

From light and silky to thick and spreadable

Easily create your favourite crunchy and smooth nut butters, sumptuously smooth guacamole and houmous, thick spreads, dips and more. Blend silky smoothies and drinks, light dips and dressings in the Power Nutri Cup.

Total Speed Control

Control the speed and texture of every blend. Simply turn the dial to move through 10 manual speeds, creating your desired consistency every time. Start slow to gently mix and incorporate ingredients, then dial up the speed for a smoother blend – great for purees and dressings. CB350UK only.

More than a blender

Easily creating smoothies, sauces and drinks to share, the unique Power Nutri Jug is not just for blending. You can also chop, mix and puree ingredients – even make homemade doughs. Enjoy everything from pizza, bread and cookie dough to homemade salsa. CB350UK only.

Ninja Power Blenders