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Cleaning up our act with vacuum cleaners – new EU legislation comes into force

Saving Energy

With new EU regulations brought in from today, the future of high-powered vacuum cleaners is looking a little uncertain. Though the new rules won’t outlaw your existing cleaner, they will mean that all future vacuum cleaners are limited to 1600W, with a further reduction to 900W planned for 2017. Designed to reduce energy consumption and be kinder on the environment, these new laws mean that manufacturers will no longer be able to rely on power alone to get the job done, instead having to design vacuum cleaners that work just as well only using much less energy.

Although these new EU rules are in place from 1st September, it doesn’t mean that retailers will suddenly withdraw all vacuum cleaners over 1600 watt from their shelves. The ban has been imposed on the manufacturers and imports, so from today they will stop producing those high powered models. Some manufacturers of vacuum cleaners had already started to release new lower powered models ahead of the September deadline, instilling confidence into customers that although these models may be lower in power, they’re just as efficient. Miele and Bosch are a good example of this, and Miele even come up with a handy webpage explaining how this law effects their cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners from now on.

The European Union in Brussels have also made improvements on labelling information, so customers can make a more informed decision when investing in a vacuum cleaner. Similar to the energy labels already applied on kitchen appliances such as fridge freezers and washing machines, vacuum cleaners produced from today will come with a label detailing ratings from A to G on energy efficiency, power, noise levels and performance.

Don’t worry if you’ve not known about the new law change until now, you still have time to get your hands on some of the high powered cleaners before they are gradually faded out. At Gerald Giles there are some fantastic deals on high-powered vacuum cleaners. Below we show a range of different cleaners currently available on the market; a high power, low power and even a cordless vacuum cleaner –  making this the perfect time to invest in a brand new cleaner of your own.

Bosch BGS5PETGB Power Animal Vacuum Cleaner

This powerful 2200W vacuum cleaner comes with a new enhanced turbo brush for an even better performance.

The bagless cylinder and easy to clean brush make the vacuum cleaner easy to maintain while the ProAnimal turbo brush will pick up all those unwanted pet hairs from around the house. As this model is over 1600W, grab yours now before the Bosch BGS5PETGB ‘bites the dust!’.

Miele S8340 Ecoline Vacuum Cleaner

Using just 1200W, the Miele S8340 Ecoline Vacuum Cleaner is considerably more eco friendly than the other Miele and Bosch cleaners.

However, what it lacks in power it makes up for in efficiency, picking up all the dust, dirt and hairs from your floors quickly and easily – a perfect example of the EU law change that lower power doesn’t mean a lower performance.

Bosch BCH625KTGB Athlet 25.2V Lithium Power Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright, cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch produces fantastic results every time without the limitations of a wire trailing behind.

With SensorBagless Technology, a HighPower AllFloor Brush and great usability, the vacuum cleaner is ideal for hectic households and busy homeowners.


So whatever you’re looking for in a vacuum cleaner, we have the choice for you here at Gerald Giles in Norwich.