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The new 2013 Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker – review.

Bose, New Products

They say the best things come in small packages – Bose certainly think so as they’ve just released the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker.

Gone are the days of carrying around the huge 80’s boom box on your shoulder, the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker lets you enjoy better sound on the go, everywhere you go. AND, most importantly, it fits in the palm of your hand. OK a large man’s hand but it’s still pretty small and easily fits into a jacket pocket. The speaker is portable yet retains the audio quality the American manufacturer has built its reputation on.

Given the highly competitive state of today’s small portable Bluetooth speaker market, Bose’s SoundLink® Mini is certainly a worthy contender. It’s been described as one of the few standout products in the market and its sound is certainly a lot bigger than its size. The audio quality is SoundLink® Mini’s real trump card over other portable Bluetooth speaker’s out there. Even though its smaller than many of its competitors, SoundLink® Mini’s top volume level is roughly twice the peak volume of some of its closest competitors with fantastic sound quality at most ranges, especially midrange and mid-highs.

The SoundLink® Mini speaker has a great retro look to it, evoking the image of a 60’s radio but with a much sleeker and modern twist.

Along with its bigger brother, SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker, Bose is targeting a wide audience and the SoundLink® Mini is designed to be easy to use with its clearly labeled buttons on the top.

What’s handy is it remembers up to six devices, so you’ll only need to sync each one once. Whatever device you’re using, when in range, it should automatically recognize the speaker via Bluetooth.

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery and being nowhere near a charger, but with its lithium-ion battery you get hours of unplugged play time, and it comes with a cradle that keeps it fully charged while serving as a home for the speaker. The easy charging connections, made through small exposed contacts on the back-right corner of the speaker, make the cradle even more functional. The speaker falls into place without catching on anything or missing the contact and makes a chime sound when it starts to charge so you know it’s connected. So you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to charge before you go out and about, just grab and go.

The SoundLink® Mini speaker is engineered with a single piece of anodized aluminum housing and skid-proof rubber bottom, so it can stand up to everyday use and sit almost anywhere. It’s reassuringly solid yet, at under 700g, it’s not too heavy.

Just like your phone you can customise it with coloured accessory covers which also provide added protection from scratches.

The accessory Travel Bag and additional Wall Charger are also available for the SoundLink® Mini speaker during long stretches away from home. The Wall Charger means you can keep your speakers charged while travelling and keep the charging cradle set up at home.

It’s exciting and encouraging to see Bose leading the way with their SoundLink® Mini and we look forward to seeing more new Bose products like this one, that looks at a popular product and do it bigger and better. Or in this case smaller and better!

You can see more of the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker on our Pinterest Board dedicated to this brilliant portable speaker.