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Panasonic is taking TV to the next level with the new SMART VIERA TV line-up

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Panasonic is taking TV to the next level with the new SMART VIERA TV line-up, which offers smart design, smart performance and smart content – such as BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Available in Plasma, LED & LCD; Panasonic VIERA cutting edge technologies bring you more choice when it comes to finding the TV that fits your lifestyle.
SMART VIERA – The Smart TV Choice


Experience Panasonic Smart VIERA TV. It turns ordinary TV viewing into a new, smart world of multimedia enjoyment. As you have come to know and appreciate about Panasonic, Smart VIERA TVs offer the entire pallet of connectivity. Stream your multimedia from around the home to the TV, download apps for comfortably browsing the Web from your sofa, and chat or twitter and more all on the widescreen TV. Now, Panasonic Smart VIERA TV goes a step further. The next-generation of remote control – from the new touch-pad remote to your smartphone or tablet – increases your flexibility in interacting with your TV. The range of search and navigation options is now even wider, while remaining intuitive and easy to use thanks to the advanced user interface. So whatever your style or needs, Panasonic Smart VIERA TV gives you everything for experiencing entertainment as never before.

Easy operation

Even though your VIERA is packed with sophisticated technology, Panasonic focuses on ease of use and provides you with a number of control options. Because your entertainment experience should be unforgettable in every way.  The VIERA Connect user interface is intuitive to navigate, giving you quick access to online applications and enabling you to browse the Internet – now with an ergonomic Touch Pad Remote* for easy scrolling. Or download the VIERA Remote App. It lets you conveniently use your smartphone or tablet to game, stream content to and from the TV, or as a touch-screen. *only included with WT50 and VT50 series.

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The VIERA design concept is focusing on the essentials: a single sheet of glass and a thin and distinctive metal or crystal frame are the characteristic design elements of the new VIERA Plasma and LCD TVs. All models are stylish and elegant in a timeless way, and the selected materials and excellent craftsmanship are visible signs of the uncompromised VIERA quality.

Picture quality

Panasonic VIERA is renowned for its breathtaking 2D and 3D images, with natural colours, high contrasts and sharp motion. So whether you opt for a VIERA Plasma or LCD TV, you can be assured that it will immerse you in the action and take you to a new world of enjoyment – in the comfort of your own home. The latest VIERA NeoPlasma TV models offer up to an amazing 2500Hz, perfect for sharp action and sports, combined with deep blacks and a high range of colour reproduction – while the new VIERA IPS LED LCD TVs are highly efficient when delivering ultra-smooth motion and a wide viewing angle with brilliant colour and contrast.


As the multimedia powerhouse of your home, your Smart VIERA gives you full, easy access to your photos, videos and more – no matter where they are stored. HDMI terminals are a given for hooking up your VIERA TV to other High Definition components, and a USB slot is just what you need for connecting an external hard disk drive device. But VIERA can also do more: thanks to built-in WiFi and DLNA capability, your VIERA TV can ‘communicate’ with other devices around your home – so you can wirelessly stream multimedia stored on a compatible computer or HDD Recorder to the TV or log onto the Internet via your router


VIERA Plasma and LCD TVs feature numerous energy-saving functions, which will lower your energy consumption. What’s more, VIERA Plasma completely eliminates the use of harmful substances, such as lead, and offers an extremely long life span to ensure less waste and easier recycling. The Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ form the climate-protecting guidelines for the entire company – from production to the final product – for peace of mind.

Key features

Social Networking TV – Watch a live broadcast and Skype at the same time. It is fun and easy! Cheer for your team, such as at the 2012 Olympic Games, while your friend on the other side of the world cheers for his. Then tease each other about which is the better team – all via the VIERA TV
VIERA Remote app – On top of being packed with sophisticated technology, VIERA TVs from Panasonic focus on ease of use and provide you with a number of control options. Because your entertainment experience should be unforgettable in every way. You can easily download the VIERA Remote App which lets you conveniently use your smartphone or tablet to play games, transfer content to and from the TV, or as a touch-screen.
Experience the Smart VIERA world

Share the joy and excitement. Celebrate with the world, whatever the occasion. Smart VIERA unites people, friends and family from every corner of the globe. Skype video calls, Facebook, Twitter bring you together, all on a stylishly slim Panasonic VIERA TV with social networking capability. Smart VIERA lets you live your life to the fullest – with emotion never felt before. Experience it for yourself!