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Keeping music portable for your summer holidays

Music on the go

Keeping your music, playlists, and devices portable for your summer holiday.

There are few things better in life than going away on holiday. Whether you choose to go abroad and lie next to the resort pool or the sea in the sunshine or prefer your escape closer to home in a caravan winding down those country lanes, listening to your favourite songs as you completely relax and enjoy your summer break is a must for many.

And there’s nothing worse than being on holiday and having a portable music player that doesn’t work, is too heavy to carry round, has a short battery life or doesn’t hold as many songs as you need it to. So to ensure that you listen to nothing but sweet, sweet music this summer, here’s a quick run down of the best portable music players and accessories out there.

Bose QC15 headphones

If you’ve got a long or short flight ahead of you, are heading to a busy resort or just want to enjoy your music without interruption, the Bose QC15 headphones are a must have.

Able to reduce outside noise from the full spectrum of human hearing, these noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for those who like to focus on the music alone.

Now more comfortable and more effective than ever before, the Bose QC15 headphones are the perfect accessory for your holiday in the sun.

Bose Soundlink Mini and covers 

If you like to share your music with friends and family rather than keeping it all to yourself, the Bose Soundlink Mini is the accessory for you.

Easy to connect to your mp3 player, tablet computer or smartphone via Bluetooth and weighing almost nothing, the Bose Soundlink Mini enables you to listen to all your favourite albums in great quality wherever you happen to be.

To personalise your Bose Soundlink Mini, you can invest in a stylish protective cover. Preventing scratches and knocks from affecting your speaker, these covers are perfect for those who want to carry their Bose Soundlink Mini wherever they go.

Sony MDREX210B earplugs 

For a more compact headphone option, the sleek and stylish Sony MDREX210B earplugs are ideal.

These hybrid silicone in ear headphones are lightweight, easy to carry and produce fantastic sound, making them perfect for the beach, the plane or anywhere else you’re going this summer when you need to chill out to your favourite tunes.

Sony RDPM15IPB iPod/iPhone dock

Like the Bose Soundlink Mini, the Sony RDPM15IPB iPod/iPhone dock allows you to share music with your friends and listen to you favourite tracks wherever you go.

However, rather than connecting to your device via Bluetooth, the Sony RDPM15IPB iPod/iPhone dock connects to it directly, allowing your smartphone or mp3 player to charge at the same time as playing the latest hits.

Roberts Radio Play

And for those of you choosing to stay on British soils this year, you will fall in love with the Play, DAB radio from Roberts Radio. Customisable and cool, you can invest in some different colours of surround to match your mood.

With DAB radio and 10 station pre-sets you can play while eating a meal with your family or plug in headphones and immerse yourself into your favourite breakfast radio show.

Compact, light and stylish, the player is ideal whether you’re relaxing in the caravan, partying with friends on a campsite or enjoying a sunny afternoon in the garden.

By investing in one or two of these players and accessories, you can totally transform your portable music experience, giving you the chance to listen to your favourite artists whenever and wherever you like in fantastic quality. So what better excuse do you need to splash out than for your summer holidays?