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Hands on. Sony W9 TV review.


This week we had the chance get our hands on the new Sony W9 TV at the UK Sony Centre headquarters.  And we’ve got the photos to prove it. Firstly, there remains a little confusion over whether this will be called the Sony W9 or W90 – we’ll have to wait and see. No then, this is a really impressive LED TV which will be available with 40, 46 and 55 inch screen around May 2013. The imaging on the screen is amazing and uses Sony’s latest technology – Triluminous Display which Sony say gives the widest spectrum of colours ever” and it’s difficult to disagree with that claim.Triluminous is a filter that ensures true to life colours, with no bleed and coupled with X-Reality Pro processing the Sony W9 delivers amazing image detail. Some of the best we’ve ever seen. The design is great too. Sony have added a quartz edge aluminum bevel which has a blue tint when the light catches it. They’ve also made the frame thinner as is the current trend, made the stand round and reworked the Smart on screen menus making them really user friendly. But the real wow factor and we do mean WOW here is the way that the W9 uses Near Field Communication (NCF) to enable effortless sharing of video and pictures from your phone to the screen. NCF is the technology employed to the “wallet in your phone” that means you can pay for stuff just by waving you phone at a chip and pin device. Well substitute that chip and pin for the W9’s remote and whatever is on the screen of your phone comes up on the TV meaning you can wirelessly browse through pictures and stream video straight onto the TV or use the apps and play games. We yold you it was WOW didn’t we. The new Sony W9 LED Smart TV truly is smart and with it’s great picture quality, gorgeously simple menu system and effortless sharing of video, games and apps makes it a real contender for best in breed. We can’t wait until it’s released later this year!