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Samsung – big, numerous and powerful


According to the founder of Samsung Group, Lee Byung-chul, the meaning of the Korean Hanja word Samsung is “tristar” or “three stars” This is thought to be because the number three represents something “big, numerous and powerful” and the stars represent eternity. Samsung Electronics is the global market leader in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Through innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. We are proud to stock a range of Samsung products from 3D TV’s to Blu-Ray players and have taken a closer look at just a few of the Samsung products we have to offer. The Samsung UE55F7000 looks amazingly thin and stylish and has a top of the range smart TV system onboard. It brings presents sharp and detailed pictures with rich, bright colours. The Samsung UE55F7000 has a long list of great features, including voice and motion control, micro dimming and a touchpad controller. What’s more it has a competitive price compared to its counterparts from the other big players. What’s great about the Samsung UE55F7000 is that it can be controlled in lots of different ways. Whether you prefer the traditional TV remote control, the touchpad remote, or the futuristic control methods of voice and motion gestures, it has something for everyone. The voice control isn’t limited to just basic command phrases but the TV now tries to understand natural speech. Just speak into the TV, first saying trigger phrases such as ‘Hi TV’ to wake it up and listen to you or press the Mic button on the touchpad remote and speak into the remote The Samsung UE55F7000 also has a new, higher resolution 5-megapixel camera in an attempt to maximize tracking and low-light performance for its motion control. The TV guide menus are easy to use and give you plenty of control to customise your own picture and audio settings. It even learns your viewing habits over time and adjusts these picks to suit your tastes, rather like TiVo. With built if Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port it is really reliable for media streaming and scores highly on the connectivity front. The Samsung UE55F7000 has a bunch of top notch features and a competitive price tag which make it a great choice for your 3D TV – we’ve even lowered the price from £2,199.99 to £1,999.99! Next we’ve taken a look at one of Samsung’s fantastic 3D Blue Ray players the Samsung BDE8300MXU. As the third generation of Samsung’s digital hard drive recorders it presents all-in-one solution that will let you record two programs at once, so you can play back favourite shows wherever’s convenient. You could even watch them both at the same time, thanks to Picture in Picture, or watch one while browsing the web and access all your digital media via its library. As well as all this you get access to Samsung’s app world (Smart TV platform) that you also get from Samsung’s Smart TV. The recording capabilities of Samsung BDE8300MXU does exceed a lot of its competitors and is really useful as a recording device. The interface of the BDE830MXU is simple and is really easy to navigate to the menu. This really is a top candidate if you’re looking for a sleek, sophisticated Blu-Ray player with 3D capabilities and built-in HDD recorder. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the Samsung BDE8300MXU so we’ve lowered the price from £319.99 to just £259.99! Click here for other great Samsung offers.