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Are QLED the smartest Samsung TVs?


Samsung are making sure that light and colour always come first with the announcement of their QLED TV series – recently described as their smartest ever TV. The new tribe of super-bright, super-vibrant TVs include the Q7, Q8 and Q9 and were introduced at Samsung’s Keep Memory Alive event in Las Vegas. With slick curved design and invisible fixtures, these cutting-edge TVs will fit seamlessly into your contemporary lifestyle.

So just what makes this new generation of smart TVs so special? The Q in QLED stands for quantum technology – which Samsung believes will revolutionise TV as we know it, creating ‘the most true to life picture on screen’.

The picture quality is one such element that marks out the QLED generation as real game-changers. The focus of this range is on the optical enhancement of the TV experience, and Samsung have not disappointed.

Samsung have managed to optimise the screen size whilst retaining incredibly sharp picture quality, as the QLED technology has the ability to produce 100% colour volume, no matter what the level of brightness. The way that this innovative technology works is by each pixel of colour being illuminated by an LED backlight of Quantum Dots. Despite the similarity in names, this contrasts to Sony’s OLED range, which instead creates high definition colour by calling on each pixel to provide its own illumination.

Even when at a dazzling luminosity (between 1,500 and 2,000 nits), the eye can clearly register subtle shifts in colour, creating a stunning image. Samsung’s Quantum Dot material, which allows the screen to display colour in a much greater level of detail, means that previously problematic colours like deep black can now appear vibrantly, which enhances your viewing experience.

The QLED also prioritises compact design, coming with a no-fuss picture frame wall mount and only one plug socket required even when used in conjunction with a the new Samsung Soundbar range. The separate media box uses one cable to ensure a clean finish and helps the QLED to avoid a mess of cables and wall mountings cluttering your home.

Appealing to all smartphone users, the QLED is also linked to the Smart View app, allowing you to access the remote control and game controller, which means no more lost remotes! So, as Samsung have said themselves, this might just be the next big innovation in TV.