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Retro Roberts DAB radios

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DAB radio, which stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, has been under development since the 1980’s and here in the UK, we were the first country to receive a wide range of radio stations via DAB. Commercial DAB receivers hit the shelves in 1999 and demand has increased over the last two decades. There are many advantages DAB radios hold over AM and FM terrestrial broadcast technology. DAB radios automatically tune to available stations and offer the user a list of stations to choose from. DAB radios can carry radiotext from the station which means you can get real time information such as the title of the song playing, genres and news or traffic updates. What’s more some DAB radios offer a pause function on live broadcasts.

DAB radio is less susceptible to co-channel interference than its FM/AM older siblings. In some areas, in particular rural areas, DAB gives listeners a greater choice of radio stations. The reception quality of DAB radios is noticeably better than FM channels as the DAB standard integrates features which reduce any interference. What’s more as the signal is digital there is no hiss with a weak signal that you often get with FM channels. DAB radios also have lower variable bandwidths so programs such as news and weather need a lot less bandwidth than a music station, allowing DAB to carry these programmes at lower bit rates meaning theres more room left for other programmes

Even with the endless list of new technologies we always seem to keep coming back to what we know and love. Its not only the way retro technology looks that we love, but it reminds us of the way we felt when it was about the first time around. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds then a DAB radio could be the answer. DAB radios deliver audio in crystal clear digital quality and some manufacturers are sticking to the popular style of the 1950’s allowing us to enjoy modern technology whilst reminding us of the days when the family gathered around the wireless in the front room.

All summer long we’ve been out in our gardens enjoying the British summer and what better time to enjoy listening to the radio. Today there is a huge range of DAB radios available on the market and there’s something for every budget with prices ranging from £50 all the way up to £600.


DAB radios popularity has paved the way for the retro gadgets to return to kitchens and homes all across the country. One of the most famous brands in the market is the well loved Roberts Radios. As the leading brand in the portable radio market in the UK, the iconic Revival radio is instantly recognisable as part of the Roberts family and with over 80 years of heritage they have built a reputation on producing high quality premium brand radios for the consumer market.  Featuring in many ‘best DAB radios to buy’ lists the Roberts Revival radio combines the old-school look with ultra-modern digital radio technology at its core. Featuring DAB and FM tuners, a good display and a dedicated iPod/MP3 player socket it has all the technology of its contemporary sleek looking counterparts.

One undeniable selling point of the Roberts Revival DAB radio is the fantastic sound quality. It successfully delivers a clear solid and detailed midrange meaning voices sound vivid as if they’re in the same room as the listener. Not only this but songs and instruments are excellently coherent.

The retro style is accompanied by gold plated trimming for a real 50’s feel and with 50’s style making a strong comeback its no wonder the Roberts Revival is as popular as ever. It may be August but we are already seeing Christmas adverts on our screens and heres no escaping that Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. DAB radios and in particular the Roberts Revival DAB radio make great Christmas gifts and are especially popular in the run up to Christmas. So if you want to get in early and grab your Roberts Revival DAB radio ior any of our other amazing DAB radios then check our products out online today!