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Panasonic ZT60 plasma TV. Hands on review.


We’re just back from the Panasonic Exhibition in Nice and although many thought that plasma TVs were a bit old school, usurped by those LED TV upstarts, Panasonic have put plasma firmly back in the game with their new flagship plasma TV – the ZT60.

We got the chance to take a really close look at the ZT60 (which has a model number of TXP60ZT60B) and we have to admit that this is a stunning bit of kit.

Unfortunately to understand what makes this plasma unique means yet another new three letter acronym (TLA) to learn. The Panasonic ZT60 has an AGL screen. AGL standing for Air Gap Less.

In all other plasma TVs there is an air gap between the glass screen and plasma. A lot like double glazing. If you hold a lit match up to your double glazing – you’ll see two reflections of it. One for each sheet of glass. The same is true normally of plasma TVs. Whilst that is good for keeping home warm – the reflection is not great for picture quality.

So what Panasonic have done on the ZT60 is to remove that gap making it AGL. Air Gap Less. Reduced reflection means better picture quality especially on blacks. And the picture quality is indeed amazing.

The down side of this AGL technology is that they are difficult to make, meaning when the ZT60 comes out in May (we think) it will be pretty expensive and available in just the one size – 60 inches.

Additionally, worldwide – there won’t be many made. Only around 20,000 – so you’ll have to move fast to get one.

Because they are limited edition, flagship models each one comes with a uniquely numbered booklet, signed (in person) by the engineer. Which is a lovely touch.

Outside of the stunning picture quality the Panasonic Smart Viera ZT60 is a 3D TV with full web browser, built in Wi-Fi and gorgeous styling. The stand itself is brilliant.

It also features Panasonic’s My Home Screen technology which means you can personalise your home screen with apps and widgets a bit like you used to with Windows Vista. Only much better.

It has a built in pop up camera that uses face recognition to load different home pages depending on whose is sat in front of it. Smart. This camera is also used for Skype.


The ZT60 also comes with Panasonic’s Miracast which means you can flick content from your phone or tablet onto the screen and the content is re-rendered for the big screen. So you can play Angry Birds on a 60 inch screen with the same picture quality as you’d get on your tablet.

Panasonic also include a touchpad remote with voice recognition so that you can tell the ZT60 what to do and the new Panasonic Electronic Smart Pen which is a drawing stylus for the screen turning it into a scribble pad or drawing board.

You can be your own Gary Neville or Andy Gray by freezing the picture on the TV and drawing all over it.


We’d like to say “well done” to Panasonic for breathing new life into plasma technology. The TXP60ZT60B is right up there with the best in terms of picture quality and the extras included like voice recognition, Miracast, My Home Screen and the Smart Pen are not just gimmicks – they really add to the experience of owning this flag ship flatscreen from Panasonic. We can’t wait to have them in store in May.