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Unmistakably Miele. The Generation 6000 has landed.


Miele’s latest collection of kitchen appliances is called “Generation 6000” and it has been designed with those with a passion for food in mind. And as always – these appliances are damn good.

The collection has two distinct designs. PureLine which features glass fronted appliances and ContourLine which has the emphasis on stainless steel appliances. Both are unmistakably Miele in their use of clean and stylish designs.

Pureline comes in a range of stunning new colours including Obsidian Black, Havana Brown, Brilliant White and CleanSteel – with ContourLine it is all about CleanSteel.

The Generation 6000 range includes ovens, microwaves, steam ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, refrigerators and even coffee machines.

There are a number of “operating concepts” to choose from as well but all of them follow the same logical principles. For example display panels are centrally located and all use high definition screens.

The M Touch concept places its focus on speed and ease of use, SensorTronic makes navigation around the functionality a dream whilst DirectControl uses a more traditional twin knob arrangement.

Which ever operating concept you decide is best for you – Miele have devoted a great deal of time and thought in order to make the experience as easy as possible – many featuring finger tip touch control that you’d expect to find on the latest touch screen smart phones.

Miele have also included some brilliant new features to make preparing food easy and efficient. On the ovens you’ll find wire less heat probes so you can track how long you’ve got left before the food is cooked perfectly. You can access hundreds of pre programmed settings for bread, cakes and meat to automatically regulate and control the whole cooking process.

On the microwaves you’ll find similar selections of automatic programmes and even a one touch popcorn button.

The coffee machine is an absolute joy to use with bean to cup processing and easy to select buttons for one or two cups. A built in sensor even detects the height of your mug or cup and adjusts the coffee spout height accordingly.

These may sound like gimmicks but collectively they all make the whole “kitchen” experience that much more simple and enjoyable.

At Gerald Giles in Norwich we are pleased to be one of only a handful of Miele Centres in the UK. That means we have installed and working Miele kitchen appliances that our staff can show you in action – you’ll also be able to have a play with them too.

Miele are not the cheapest appliances available. But we think that they are the very best available. The build quality is excellent and they are made completely from Miele parts – nothing is sourced from anywhere else other than a Miele factory. That’s why they last for years and years.

We are still servicing Miele dishwashers that we sold over 25 years ago – and they are still going strong. That little bit of extra investment now – could actually save you pounds.

So come along and visit our Miele Centre in Norwich to find out for yourself just how good Miele kitchen appliances are or visit our Pinterest image gallery.