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Review: Miele KMDA 7774 FL induction hob with integrated extractor


If there was ever a phrase to define 2018, it would be ‘Smart Home’. A huge growth point in the retail market and it hasn’t been dismissed in new kitchen appliance technology either.

Mark Gook, store manager of our Gerald Giles store in Ber Street, Norwich explains that “Developments in kitchen appliances isn’t just about them being Smart. Manufacturers are pushing the boundaries on what is ‘traditional’ to what is now more efficient and practical for your home and lifestyle”.

KMDA 7774 FL Miele Induction Hob with Integrated Extraction and PowerFlex zones 1Take for example Miele’s new KMDA 7774 FL Induction hob with an integrated extractor. Challenging the ideal of a separate cooker hood and hob, Miele have combined the two making it easier for homes with Kitchen Islands to keep a contemporary feel while still maintaining a powerful extraction rate. Not the only impressive powerful feature in this hob, TwinBooster technology gives you 7.3kW which makes an impressively fast heat time so you can get your pans with a rolling boil in no time at all. An easy to clean touch screen lets you control the power and functions easily and is also quick to clean down at the end of a heavy cooking session.

With a generously sized 800mm width, this KMDA 7774 FL Induction Hob also gives you four cooking zones, two of these are PowerFlex zones so you can merge two zones into one large cooking area – ideal for large casserole dishes.

Frameless, this induction hob can be fitted seamlessly into a kitchen worktop or surface mounted and blends lovingly into any style of home. Despite having an integrated extractor fan, you can still fit extra storage underneath the hob thanks to the extraction space saving design.

Built-in technology programme Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically switches the extractor on and off and adjusts the extractor power to the cooking process. This way, you always have a pleasant room climate and can concentrate entirely on cooking. The extractor even switches off automatically when not needed, so by not wasting unnecessary energy it could save you money on your household bills.

Easy to clean, take apart the extractor filter box and grill and you can add them straight into your next dishwasher load. This will keep the extractor fan working as efficiently as possible with minimal effort from you.

If this induction hob with integrated extractor fan from Miele has inspired you, give our team at Gerald Giles a call to find out more.