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New W1 washing machines from Miele


German giant Miele have unveiled their latest additions to their Generation 6000 range. This is thought to be the biggest product overhaul in the company’s 115 year plus history.

For more pictures of the Miele W1 Washing Machine range, take a look at our gallery.

The new lineup of products include the W1 8kg washing machines and T1 tumble dryers. These are the result of 5 long hard years of development and engineering not mention over £80 million of investment, and a brand new production plant and equipment to go in it. Even the 1,600 components that make up the washing machine are all completely new.

So why the big change? Well, to start with Miele’s new range of washing machines, which will be available here from March 2014, all have the highest energy efficiency rating available on the market, A+++. They’ll be available in both white and chrome door options, so will fit in with any kitchen decor, and feature a new and improved version of Miele’s unique honeycomb drum.


Plus they’re fitted with a special dispenser for detergents and fabric conditioner that’s accurately doses the wash, saving money and making them more efficient.

They’re revolutionary in that its the first completely new design from Miele for a long while, and the new PowerWash system is said to improve washing performance by 10%. The new models also address the problem of long washing times. They’ve taken a leaf out of the international markets book and made cycle times less than us Europeans are typically used to. The new QuickPowerWash programme lasts less than an hour but still gives the performance of a longer wash.

This really in the future of washing our clothes and Miele pride themselves on being a technology leader. These state of the art models solidify their position as an active forerunner in the consumer technology market.

It’s not just washing our clothes they’ve revolutionised but drying them too. The new T1 tumble dryers will also be available from march 2014 and of course are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes you to get your clothes ready to hang up back in your wardrobe with their SteamFinish technology, which removes wrinkles with its steam smoothing program. So, you can iron your clothes much quicker or skip the chore completely! They too have room for up to 8kg and are energy efficient.

From washing your clothes to washing your dishes Miele have got this covered too. The new Knock2Open fully integrated dishwasher does exactly what it says on the tin. You just tap the door twice and it opens automatically so there’s no need for any handles or knobs on the front.

It’s on demonstration in our Ber Street Norwich showroom now and is just one of Miele’s Generation 6000 appliances.

Moving away from washing but staying in the kitchen, another of the new additions to the Miele family is the CM6 countertop bean to cup coffee machine.

The CM6 is known as the ‘one touch for two’ coffee machine because by pressing just one button, this coffee machine can produce two cups of coffee programmed to your exact requirements.

The brand have also hinted that we’ll see even more Generation 6000 appliances in the coming months and said that this is part of a complete overhaul. They plan to bring almost 80% of their range in just a year and this means changing factories, processes the whole shebang!

We’ll be keeping an eye out for Miele’s Generation 6000 appliances and of course as we like to keep our finger on the pulse we’ll be bring them to you as soon as they’re ready to leave the Miele factories. So, watch this space…