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Miele vacuum cleaners. Kings of suction.

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Buying a vacuum cleaner may not be the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make but it is still an important one.  As one of the most important cleaning tools in your home, it is sensible to do some research before you spend your hard earned cash to make you buy the right type of vacuum cleaner for your home.

But, don’t let price fool you and wrongly assume that the most expensive models are the best because this isn’t always the case. In recent tests carried out by Consumer Watchdog Which? It was the mid-range models that came out best.

Which?, carried out laboratory tests on 171 different vacuum makes, which ranged from supermarket own brand models, that sell very cheaply at £25, to the more expensive vacuum cleaners which cost up to £450.

The really cheap cleaners did not do well in the tests as you might expect but, if you thought that the most expensive would be the top performers, you’d be wrong. Mid -range vacuum cleaners scored more than some of the elite cleaners, which in some cases cost more than double the price of a mid-range vacuum.

Which? pointed out that although you can pay up to £450 for a vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better than a mid-range model and in order to demonstrate the case, they singled out the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum cleaner which retails at £199.99 and scored a very high 78 per cent in their laboratory tests.

This vacuum cleaner was designed for pet owners specifically and Miele say that the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum TT5000 (5261) cylinder vacuum hoover, picks up dirt, animal hair and even gets rid of animal odours.

Which? have given it a ‘Best Buy’ award and with a 2.6 capacity cylinder, a hose which has almost a 10 metre reach, an impressive 2200 watt motor, combined with a design which Miele say will last 20 years; the award is well deserved.

The Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum cleaner has a specially designed Turbobrush which features rotating rollers, a charcoal cassette and an Air Clean filter and combined with the powerful suction action and the mini Turbobrush for home furnishings and curtains, you can be certain that your home is clean, and free of animal hairs.

The Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum cleaner is easy to handle, with an attractive design and simple controls. The suction can be adjusted to accommodate tiled, wooden or carpeted surfaces.

Accessories include a crevice and an upholstery nozzle, a dusting brush and the suction tube is height adjustable for ease of use. The all-round bumper strip will protect your furniture from any bumps whilst you are vacuuming and the bag full indicator which reminds you to change the bag, is made from special high performance filtration micro fibre with an increased storage capacity.

The Vacuum has castor wheels and three point steering to ensure that you can steer it smoothly around the home and the sound installation means that noise isn’t an issue with this model.

The award winning Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner at under £200, is just too good to ignore, especially if you’re a pet owner. So check it out today for a pet hair free home!