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Miele Generation 7000 – ContourLine Review

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The ContourLine Collection

The new Miele Generation 7000 range contains some of the most innovative and stylish appliances on the market. Boasting sleek lines, cutting-edge features and an incredibly high-quality build, the stunning range has something for everyone.

Within the Gen 7000 range are four collections: Contourline, Pureline, Vitroline and Artline. Each of these has its own unique features and its own great aesthetic and each contains an extensive choice of innovative appliances. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the standout products in the Contourline collection. Classic, stylish and functional, Contourline products are the perfect choice for anyone with a passion for cooking and an appreciation of timeless design.

Miele H7164BP built-in single oven

If you’re looking for a compact, high-performance solution to your cooking needs, this innovative oven could be it. The Miele H7164BP built in single oven offers a great choice of automatic programmes, a stylish finish and exceptional build quality, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Like many of the other products in the Contourline range, the H7164BP oven is made from stainless steel and has a clean, modern aesthetic. Its clear text display with sensor controls makes the oven intuitive to operate and easy to programme.

If you’re a keen baker, take advantage of the Moisture Plus function. This allows you to bake light, fluffy loaves with perfect crusts as well as a whole host of other mouth-watering treats.

The Miele H7164BP makes it easy to get perfect results every time thanks to its 1 Degree Accuracy technology. So whether you’re roasting meat, baking cakes or preparing a casserole, you can rely on your oven to cook your meals to perfection.

Like many of the other products in the Miele range, the H7164BP comes complete with WIFIConn@ct technology. Simply download the Miele@mobile app and you’ll be able to operate your oven via your smartphone or tablet computer, giving you complete control over your appliance wherever you are in the world.

Importantly for house proud cooks, the Miele H7164BP built in single oven comes with pyrolytic cleaning. This works by heating your oven to over 400˚C, turning any burned on food to ash in the process. Once the oven has cooled, you’ll be able to simply wipe the appliance clean.

Miele DG 2740 built in steam oven

Over the past few years, steam ovens have grown hugely in popularity. Offering cooks the perfect way to prepare healthy and delicious meals, a steam oven could make a great addition to your cooking arsenal.

Unlike conventional ovens, steam ovens use precision steam jets to cook ingredients at the perfect temperature. The DG 2740 steam oven comes with a large choice of automatic programmes, making it even easier to get great results every time.

As well as allowing you to prepare perfect pieces of meat and fish, this high performance steam oven will also prove dough, defrost frozen items, skin tomatoes and extract juice from fruit. This incredible versatility makes the DG 2740 an essential accessory for any cook who wants to get a little more from their kitchen.

EasySensor controls make it easy to switch between programmes and adjust the settings on your oven while the 40-litre oven capacity gives you plenty of room for all your dishes. Like many of the other appliances in the Contourline range, the DG 2740 has a stylish stainless steel finish and a contemporary glass façade.

Miele M7140 TC built in microwave oven

The Miele M7140 built in microwave oven is a far cry from the microwaves you might remember from years gone by. Sleek, modern and offering a wide variety of programmes and functions, the oven will add to the functionality and flexibility of your kitchen.

Thanks to its generous 46-litre capacity, the M7140 allows you to cook large dishes and multiple items simultaneously. The microwave compartment is made from stainless steel which, as well as looking clean and modern, helps to evenly distribute the microwaves and ensures even cooking.

The multiple programmes built into the M7140 allow you to do everything from defrosting pieces of meat to preparing stews, reheating meals, making jam and proving dough. Intuitive controls make it easy to switch between settings and find the programme you’re looking for.

With their contemporary good looks, high-quality builds and impressive functionality, these Miele Contourline products will enhance any kitchen they’re installed in. If you want to find out more about the ContourLine range or any of the appliances we have spoken about in this article please get in touch, you can book an appointment here online or call us on 01603 621772.