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Installing a Miele Washing Machine


German based manufacturer Miele are the masters of building innovative, reliable and efficient washing machines. For over 100 years Miele have been creating top notch appliances and to prove the quality and reliability of their products they put them through rigorous testing to the equivalent of 20 years use!

The W1 range  all achieve a A+++ energy rating which could help to save money on your energy bills – bonus! But in order for the machine to reach optimum performance cleaning your clothes, after it’s installed you need to make sure that the electronic controls adapt to on-site conditions so a one off calibration needs to take place before any dirty laundry is loaded. To allow this to happen properly:

  1. Remove transport struts if still in place
  2.  Switch on the washing machine
  3. Select language

The following message will then display on W1 washing machines:


Press OK to acknowledge


Once the rotary selector is turned to ‘Cotton’ a 1 hour 55 minute 90°C programme will run. Although the temperature and time may appear a little excessive for an empty load on a new washing machine, it is necessary in order to thoroughly remove any residue from production and to ensure proper calibration has taken place.  At the end of the calibration programme, the following display message will appear.


Your washing machine is then ready to tackle mountains of dirty t-shirts, socks and trousers with the exceptional results you would expect from Miele. Although W1 washing machines will bring up the display messages, as a rule of thumb after any new washing machine is installed, a long hot wash should be run through before adding any clothes to the drum. If you have any questions about a Miele appliance contact specialist Miele Centre Gerald Giles for help.