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Bose VideoWave and Miele cooking event

Bose, Miele

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March we have something rather special going on in our store in the centre of Norwich. In fact we have two rather special things going on.

Firstly, on both days we’ll be demonstrating the future of TV in the shape of the Bose VideoWave® II.

This home entertainment system combines an HDTV 1080p super vivid flat screen with the phenomenal surround sound that you would expect from Bose.  In previous blogs we’ve talked about how although TVs are becoming thinner and thinner the quality of the sound they produce is not really improving. That’s because the thinness of the TV means that you can’t get a decent speaker system in there.

Well the Bose VideoWave® produces an unbelievable cinematic sound quality with no visible speakers or wires! So if you’re in the market for a new HDTV, sound system or home theatre – then the VideoWave is definitely worth a look.

Come along and see it in action, you can even bring along your favourite DVD or Blu Ray movies and we’ll show how they should look and sound – or bring along your iPod or iPhone and we’ll plug that in too.

Oh and we don’t have any neighbours – so we can turn the VideoWave® up really loud.

Then on the Saturday 16th March, from 10 – 2 we’ve got the Miele chefs in store cooking up a real treat using their fantastic range of cookers, induction hobs and steam ovens to name but a few.

50 years ago we were one of the first retailers in the UK to stock Miele appliances and it is that long relationship that means Miele will come along to our store and put this sort of demonstration on.

And remember this isn’t just a few people from Miele talking about their kitchen appliances, they’ll be rustling up some proper food and you’ll get the chance to do the same.

We’ve held these events before and they are very popular, great fun and there is always some tasty food to see and sample – we’ve even seen the Miele chefs steam bake a chocolate cake (yes steam bake) and it was, to use the that Americanism –  to die for.

So we’ve got a pretty busy and exciting weekend planned this March that you simply should not miss out on.


You could just come into town and wander around aimlessly looking for a new pair of socks, a cushion for the sofa or a nice set of kitchen knives, on the other hand could come along to Gerald Giles, have a cup of tea or coffee while you see and hear the next revolution in home entertainment courtesy of Bose or find out what is possible in the kitchen using Miele’s outstanding range of cooking appliances.

We know what we’d rather be going.