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Clever technology from the Bosch i-DOS


It seems like Bosch have come up with the perfect solution to the age-old question of knowing exactly how much detergent and fabric softener should I use when washing clothes?

The answer is to let the machine decide. The new Bosch i-DOS range does exactly that.

Too much detergent

If you always put a little extra detergent in for good measure, then you might not be doing your machine, your clothes, your skin or even your wallet any favours.

Putting too much detergent in can lead to skin irritation and allergies and can leave annoying marks on your clothes. It also means your water and energy bills will be higher because the machine has to work harder to get rid of it all.

That’s not to mention the extra cost of the detergent itself. Plus, we always have to consider the environmental damage of the detergent and its packaging. So keeping use to a minimum makes good sense all round.

Not enough

Fear of using too much can lead us to over compensate and add too little. However, this comes with its own set of problems. Without sufficient detergent your clothes won’t come out as clean, and stubborn stains will remain. Meaning more washes in the long run.

What temperature?

Then there is the issue of temperature. How hot or cold should the water be? Of course, you want your clothes to be clean but you also don’t want to waste energy or damage the fabrics. The temperature can also affect how much detergent is needed, meaning you need a degree in maths just to put on a quick wash.

This is where the Bosch i-DOS comes in. With its intelligent dosing system, the machine automatically senses the right amount of detergent and water to use. Then it washes it all at the correct temperature for the best possible results. That means every time you do a wash your clothes will be clean, you’ll be saving money and reducing your impact on the planet. Win, win, win.

Just fill the draw with 1.3 litres of detergent and the machine will take what it needs to do wash after wash. All you have to do is top up the drawer every now and then.

The drum uses special detectors to assess the weight, degree of soiling and even the fabric type. It will then make the calculations of how much detergent and water it needs to use.

The boffins at Bosch have calculated that you can save more than 7,000 litres of water a year if you do about 220 washes (the national average). Add to that several bottles of laundry detergent and the savings soon start to add up.

Check out the Bosch i-DOS range at Gerald Giles and take away one more headache from the weekly chores.