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Which? washing machine to choose in 2015

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These days, choosing something as simple as a new washing machine can be a complete mine field. With loads of fabulous functions to consider like Minimum Iron, Water Control, Foam Sensing or AutoClean Detergent drawer it can often be a difficult task picking the right model for you. Hopefully on their way to making things a bit easier Which? have put two of Miele’s washing machines through their paces and each has been given the Which? Best Buy stamp for April 2015.

As the upcoming ‘better weather’ will bring more outdoor parties (red wine spillages), sporting events to participate in (grass stains) and extra BBQs to scoff (tomato ketchup drips) we thought that it would be a good idea to take a look and see what all the fuss is about with these two models – and see if they can cope with daily demands!

First things first, these machines could save you money on your energy bills (you’re listening now aren’t you)! The load capacity is pretty generous and both models offer enough space to fit in 7kg worth of washing in one go (the equivalent of 35 t-shirts), meaning that the quantity of loads you put on to keep up with the laundry in your household could potentially fall as you can fit a greater weight of washing in at once. This large capacity in the honeycomb drum also means that they are large enough inside to tackle plenty of bedding, blankets or other bulky and heavy items you want to launder. In addition, these washing machine’s have a 1400RPM (spin speed) and use this power to spin out as much moisture as possible from the garments at the end of a cycle, reducing the amount of time it take’s for laundry to dry so your whole laundry process will be quicker than ever before (and be less expensive if you use a tumble dryer).

Speaking of quick, the WDA 100 and WDA 110 are both hosts to all sorts of super programmes and functions designed to make your life easier, including Express 20 for if you want a few items washed really fast – still with the same outstanding results you would expect from a Miele. For the professionals out there with a high turnover of work shirts, make the most of the special shirts programme. Tailored specifically to washing shirts, this programme reduces the spin speed for less damage on delicate cuffs and collars and also reduces the creases too – so you’ll spend less time ironing afterwards! Hurrah! Amongst other programmes is a denim/darks option which will again be less harsh on your coloured clothes, so your garments stay in better condition for longer and keep their colour too.

Obviously, nobody wants a washing machine that is so complicated to understand you’d need a degree to use it. So Miele have cracked it with these two models as they are both unbelievably simplistic. With a control dial to select the programme type and temperature and only a few push buttons, you won’t be tearing your hair out when you use it.

Quality has always been a given with Miele washing machines, and these two models are no different. Each has been tested to the equivalent of 20 years use and the WDA 100 comes with a 2 year warranty and the WDA 110 currently has a free 5 year free warranty* until the end of May. This testing means that each washing machine has been rigorously tested including being put through 7,500 washing cycles at 75°C, 100,000 opening and shutting of doors and 50,000 switch tests on the control buttons, just to ensure Miele quality will work as well in 20 years time as they do when they’re first purchased.

So all in all, what do we think? Well, these freestanding washing machines are well worth the investment purchase. Miele have seriously considered what to include in the WDA 100 and WDA 110 machines, and came up with valuable solutions for modern day problems. Get yours from Gerald Giles today!

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