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Top dishwashers for Summer 2014 – be BBQ ready at the drop of a hat!

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Offering us the chance to enjoy freshly grilled burgers, sausages, kebabs and spare ribs, as well as warm summer evenings and good company, there’s a lot to like about a good BBQ. However, with burnt on fat, ash covered utensils and blackened baking trays, the washing up is definitely not one of them.

Thankfully, there are some hardworking dishwashers out there more than capable of clearing up after a summer BBQ, leaving your plates, cooking utensils and BBQ accessories, shiny, clean and as good as new. So if your current dishwasher isn’t up to the task at hand, maybe now’s the time to treat yourself to a brand new appliance.

Bosch SMS50T02GB
With an A+ energy rating, a built in load sensor, five programmes, 12 place settings and the Aquamix Glass Protection System, the Bosch SMS50T02GB offers thorough and effective cleaning as well as energy efficiency.

To help lower your utility bills further, the Bosch SMS50T02GB has a unique Heat Exchange function that uses the heat within the machine to warm cold watering entering the dishwasher.

The SMS50T02GB also has a built in Hydro Sensor which detects the cleanliness of the water in the washer. If the water is dirty it will be discarded, but if it’s still clean it will be reused, reducing the amount of water needed for each cycle.

Bosch SMS58T02GB
Like the Bosch SMS50T02GB, the Bosch SMS58T02GB has built in Heat Exchange and an efficient Hydro Sensor. But with an A+ energy rating, 14 place settings and a load sensor, the model is even more efficient.

As well as low energy cleaning, the Bosch SMS58T02GB has an Eco Silence motor, making it incredibly quiet and unobtrusive in the home.

Bosch SMS69L32GB
More expensive than both the Bosch SMS50T02GB and the Bosch SMS58T02GB, the Bosch SMS69L32GB comes with a range of features that will see your BBQ-tarnished dishes cleaner than ever before.

From the AquaMix glass protection system to four special washing programs and flexible design elements, the Bosch SMS69L32GB will make cleaning up after friends and family quick and easy.

Siemens SN26M231GB
With an A++ energy rating and 13 place settings, the Siemens SN26M231GB is one of the most efficient dishwashers around.

The flexible stacking options offered by the VarioFlex rack make the model perfect for busy families, while the VarioSpeed Plus will help to reduce drying time by around 66%, perfect if your guests are queuing up for seconds.


Miele G6100SC
Currently on offer for a fantastic £699.99, the Miele G6100SC has been tested to withstand 20 years of dirty crockery, greasy dishes and burnt on food.

Like the Bosch dishwashers the Miele G6100SC has a Hydro Sensor to test the cleanliness of water as well as a range of built in programs and functions designed to make the appliance as convenient as possible in a busy household.

By investing in a hardworking and energy efficient dishwasher now, you can make your summer even more enjoyable, so why not take a look at our fantastic range today?