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The best sound bars for TV 2013.

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More and more people are looking to improve the quality of their TVs sound by connecting a sound bar. We’ve talked already in our blogs about why flat screen TVs suffer from poor sound, and we’ve also highlighted some of the best TV sound bars around – namely the Sonos PLAYBAR and the Bose SOLO. Both of which are brilliant, lifestyle choices.

So we thought it was time to put together a top 5 TV sound bars to help you choose which is best for your budget, your TV and your room. So here it is.

Our top 5 is a blend of sound quality, ease of installation and obviously price – so we’ve tried to include a range to suit all budgets.

So in no particular order these are our picks of the best sound bars for TVs 2013.

Bose CineMate 1 SR Sound Bar Home Speaker Cinema System.

This sits right at the top of the pile both in terms of quality and price. At £1300, it’s our most expensive TV sound bar but you do get an awesome subwoofer and it comes with its own remote. Dead easy to install – it’s pretty much plug and play. Everyone needs a mate every now and then. And so does your TV – so give it the Bose CineMate 1SR.

Sony HTCT60 TV sound bar.

For £149.99 this beauty belts out 60 watts of power and you get a subwoofer too which delivers real 2:1 cinema sound. Plus you can’t go wrong with Sony, a great manufacturer with great, solid products. We like the hexagonal design of this one (see foot of the page) and it’s the perfect choice if you’ve got two or three flat screens at home that you want to upgrade.


What more can be said about this visually and audibly stunning sound bar from Sonos that hasn’t been said already. Check out our earlier blog dedicated to this piece of electronic  wizardry. It sounds brilliant, looks gorgeous and with a globally famous  DJ who wears a giant mouse head as an official ambassador – it’s dripping in Sonos coolness. We’re selling this for £599.99.

Panasonic SCHTB65 TV sound bar.

Similar in price to the Sony, this “less is more” designed sound bar can be yours for £179.99 and it pumps out a huge 90 watts of sound to give you the 2:1 channel effect. For the eco conscious amongst you – Panasonic claim this has a very low power consumption. The techies at Panasonic have also weaved some audio magic so that the sound actually appears to come out of the centre of the TV screen. This sound bar is great value and an obvious choice if you’re plugging it into a Panasonic TV.

Bose SOLO. 

We reviewed the Bose SOLO sound bar a while back. It’s not so much a bar – more of a slab. But that can be an advantage because you literally stand your TV on it, plug in one optical lead into the back of the telly and a power lead into the wall and it’s ready to rock. And rock it does. Bose don’t deal in watts – they deal in the quality of sound and for £349.99 you get phenomenal sound that you can actually feel.

So there you have it. Our five best TV sound bars for 2013. Remember we not only have these sound bars in our Norwich showroom, we also have them in our living rooms as well. Gerald Giles wouldn’t recommend products that we wouldn’t want to use our selves.

All of these sound bars deliver great performance and will really bring your TV to life. Come in and find out for yourself, give us a call on 01603 621772 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you find the one that is right for you.

Pictured below is the Sony HTCT60 with its smart hexagonal design. For more images of our top 5 sound bars 2013 visit our pinterest board where you’ll find out the identity of the DJ with the large mouse head.