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What is a Blu ray player?

Blu Ray Players

Let’s face it, with the introduction of HDTV, it soon became clear that high definition movies would be too much for the DVD disc to handle as they require much more space. It was only a matter of time before a more capable format was developed, enter Blu-ray players.

We went from VHS to DVDs and now times have changed again, Blu-ray players are the new must have gadget. But, far from being a short term fad, we’ve taken a look at, now that HDTV has become common place in so many homes, why Blu-ray players are now the gadget of choice packed with clever features that make the process of viewing and recording easier and better than ever.

To make things easy for you, we’ve take a look at Blu-ray players and their key features to help you choose the right one.

As the DVD is slowly being replaced by Blu-ray players, it’s set to soon be the top choice for viewing movies at home, and what with the price of Blu-ray players being much more affordable than previous years, now is as good a time as any to get with the times and jump on the Blu-ray band wagon.

Blu-ray players are evolving all the time and they can do much more than play your average movie. You can opt for full fat or feature-skinny. Blu-ray players take high definition entertainment to the next level, an evolution of the DVD player, showcasing premier sound and pictures.

Since their introduction in June 2006, Blu-ray players have come on leaps and bounds, showing regular improvements. Modern Blu-ray players are now reliable, fast and sell for much less than when initially introduced. For streaming internet content, they can offer Wi-Fi connectivity/Ethernet, automated notification of firmware updates, BD Live and Bonus View features, internal decoding of lossless audio formats, stellar HD picture quality, DVD upscailing, picture controls and a bunch of other clever features.

Better still, there are some exciting new features on the latest models, like 2D-to-3D conversion, Blu-ray 3D, dual HDMI outputs, social media apps, online streaming media services, wireless or USB keyboard support, mobile device control, and 4K upscailling. Incredible hey? There is so much choice out there that deciding on the right model isn’t always easy.

Surprisingly, just one Blu-ray disc holds the equivalent of 5 DVDs or 35 CDs. It uses a narrower (blue) laser beam spot, shorter wavelength but is the same size as a DVD disc.

Blu-ray players are growing in popularity but don’t fret, you can still play your collection of DVDs on a Blu-ray player and it actually gives your DVDs an impressive high definition look.

Some new models have the BD Live profile which enables extra content via Wi-Fi or an ethernet port. When the player is linked to the internet you may be able to download extra content such as exclusives and previews depending on the pre-recorded Blu-ray disc.

The recorders are so clever that if your computer has a Blu-ray burner it can be used to transfer high def camcorder recordings to blank Blu-ray disc media.

You’ll need an HDMI cable to enable connection with your HDTV and player. Then with the use of a single lead you can then receive amazingly clear, digital audio and video.

If you have a 3D TV or you’re planning on purchasing one soon then it may be worth looking for a 3D-compatible player like the Sony BDP-S790B. The 3D Sony BDP-S790B Blu-ray player is even part of our sale at just £189.99

This models main strengths lie in the superb quality HD picture and sounds and can only be compared to some of the top end, expensive models. It can also convert 2D images from your Blu-rays or DVDs into 3D, comes with Dolby True HD and DTS-HD decoders, and streaming media services. Finally of course, it has Built-in WiFi and 4K upscaling for the latest ultra HD 4k TV’s

Stylish in design, the player can be used to view and play music/video from your home PC. For those of us that spend most of our time online, you can even “socialize” what you watch over Facebook and Twitter but it doesn’t end there, check out the list of the Sony BDP-S790B’s features here.

Not all Blu-ray decks will play 3D movie discs but models like the Panasonic DMRBWT735EB 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder with Twin Freeview HD Tuner 1TB, will allow you to watch 3D movies and burn your own Blu-ray discs, giving you the option to archive TV.

So, join in the Blu Ray revolution and take a look a their endless possibilities. And of course as it’ nearly the season to be jolly why don’t you buy someone special something special, like a Blu-ray player or many of our other leading gadgets we stock from the biggest and best brands.