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Keeping the kids busy during those typical British “summer” holidays

Blu Ray Players

Stuck for ideas with keeping the children busy over the summer break?

Whether you’re planning a family trip away or are staying put for the summer break, keeping the kids busy and entertained can be a challenge. Especially when the weather can fall far short of “Summery”.

On those occasions when it’s either too hot to play outside or chucking it down with rain, one of the best ways to keep them occupied and out of trouble is with a good film, and if you want to create the authentic cinema experience in the comfort of your own home, investing in a good quality Blu-Ray player is a must.

To help you decide which Blu-Ray player is right for your home, here’s our quick guide to the best devices on the market today.

Sony BDPS1200B

Slim and stylish, the Sony BDPS1200B Blu-Ray player would fit perfectly into any fashion-conscious household, making the perfect addition to your home cinema system.

With an incredibly quick boot up time of less than a second and fantastic picture quality, you and your kids could be enjoying your favourite movies in no time.

Panasonic DMRBWT740EB

If you want a device that’s more than just a Blu-Ray player, the Panasonic DMRBWT740EB is it.

With a higher price tag, this Blu-Ray delivers with 3D capability, 4K Ultra HD upscaling and built in WiFi, the Panasonic DMRBWT740EB allows you to use your favourite apps, surf the web and watch catch up TV, providing the ultimate all in one family entertainment solution so well worth the investment.

Samsung BDH6500XU

Like the Panasonic DMRBWT740EB, the Samsung BDH6500XU has 4K Ultra HD upscaling and allows the user to watch catch up TV on services like BBC iPlayer, ITV player and 4oD.

Samsung Smart Content also lets you see what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites from the comfort of your own sofa.

Panasonic DMPBDT130EB

The easy connectivity of the Panasonic DMPBDT130EB allows you to effortlessly connect it to your home network, enabling you to view photos, play  music and more on you Blu-Ray player.

With 3D and full HD capability, the Panasonic DMPBDT130EB may not have as many features as the Panasonic DMRBWT740EB, however it does offer great value for money and the perfect entertainment solution for your kids.

Samsung BDH8500MXU

With a whopping 500gb of hard drive space, the Samsung BDH8500MXU allows you to pause, rewind and record up to 70 hours of your favourite TV shows and watch them whenever you want in full HD.

This huge hard drive makes the Samsung BDH8500MXU the perfect choice for busy families that don’t always have the time to sit down and watch their favourite shows.

Like other top end Blu-Ray players, the Samsung BDH8500MXU enables the use of BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and other catch up sites as well as many of the best Samsung Apps.

By investing in the Samsung BDH8500MXU you’ll also be able to watch 3D movies and stream music wirelessly throughout your home.

Not only will a good Blu-Ray player allow you and your family to enjoy TV, movies and games in exceptionally high quality, the built in connectivity will allow you to get the very best from your TV. Our last handy hint for you, is to invest in some decent HDMI cables like the Vivanco HDMI 42099 which transfer the picture to your screen from your Blu-Ray player, so that you can watch your chosen film in the best possible quality.  So you can watch exactly what you want, when you want it, with all the incredible detail it deserves – perfect for beating those summer holiday weather blues.