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4K TVs

4K Ultra HD TVs

Providing entertainment for the entire family, a focal point in your living room and the perfect way to relax and unwind after a tough day at work, our TVs are an integral part of our homes and many of us would be lost without one.

Investing in the best device you can afford will enhance your viewing experience every time you sit down to watch your favourite show or classic movie, making your TV an even more important part of the family.

Though technologies do develop quickly and it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations, one of the most impressive currently on the market is the 4K Ultra HD TV.

Offering crystal clear images and a great all round experience, if you’re thinking about upgrading your home entertainment systems, here’s why a 4K Ultra HD TV should be top of your shopping list.


What are 4K Ultra HD TVs?

A 4K Ultra HD TV screen is 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall, totalling a huge 8.3 mega pixels.

This is a whopping four times as many pixels as standard high definition TVs which measure 1920 x 1080 pixels or 2.1 mega pixels.

What this translates to in viewing terms, is an image that has four times the picture resolution of normal HD TVs, offering increased clarity, finer detail and greater texture resulting in an image so crisp and clear it’s as good as a photo.


What are the benefits of 4K Ultra HD TVs?

Apart from providing you and your family with the very best image quality around and enhancing your viewing experience, 4K Ultra HD TVs will also allow you to take advantage of the latest improvements and innovations when it comes to HD programming.

Broadcasters around the world are developing ways to utilise this new technology, revolutionising your viewing experience and making every film and TV show an event to be remembered.


Why invest in a 4K Ultra HD TV?

Not only do 4K Ultra HD TVs offer the very latest in viewing experience, they also incorporate many of the most advanced user and multimedia technologies around as well.

From smart and intuitive menus, to built-in WiFi and special modes for watching sports, these TVs offer the very latest features for your viewing pleasure.

As well as the incredibly high definition 8.3 mega pixel screen, 4K Ultra HD TVs also have other ways to enhance the picture quality. By increasing the contrast and allowing the true image quality to shine through, your favourite movies and TV shows will look crisper, brighter and more defined than ever before.

By investing in a 4K Ultra HD TV now, you can enjoy all of these features straight away, taking your viewing experience to a completely different level and transforming your living room into a futuristic entertainment centre.

And once you’ve been immersed in the high quality world of 4K Ultra HD TVs, you’ll be so impressed that you’ll simply never want to go back.