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Wireless music systems

Wireless Music Systems

Whether you’ve got one favourite album that you like to listen to over and over again or a vast catalogue of different genres and eras of music, a wireless music system is the perfect way to listen to your favourite sounds wherever you are in your home.

Allowing you to enjoy albums, playlists and radio anywhere, anytime, without the need for metres and metres of unsightly wires and connectors, wireless music systems are undoubtedly the future of home audio systems.

What are wireless music systems?

Wireless music systems incorporate pretty much all of the aspects of a traditional music system, just without the wires.

This gives you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to arranging your music system and means that you don’t have to deal with tangled wires bundled away in a corner or stretched around the room.

This makes wireless music systems ideal for the house proud or for those who want to create a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing look in their homes.

How do wireless music systems work?

Wireless music systems work by utilising your home’s wireless network in order to stream music around your house. Most systems work through a central hub that’s directly connected to your router. The hub then connects wirelessly to your speakers via the network, giving you great quality sound throughout your home.

You can expand your system by placing secondary hubs or bridges in other rooms of the house, allowing you to play different music depending on location

Via the hub, you can connect to your mp3 player, smartphone or the internet, giving you a huge choice of sources for your favourite tunes.

Some wireless music systems also allow you to connect to your TV, giving you fantastic surround sound and the ultimate audio experience.

How good is the sound quality?

Though the sound quality will vary depending on the system that you by and the acoustics of your home, in general, wireless music systems produce very high quality sound.

Basic wireless speakers will be perfect for most homes, and if you want to boost your sound, you can invest in specialist speakers or amplifiers and simply add them to the system.

Are wireless music systems expensive?

Like all music systems, wireless music systems can vary widely in price depending on their quality, capabilities and features.

If you’re a dedicated music lover, it’s always best to invest in the best quality sound system that you can afford as the standard of the speakers really will affect the quality of the resulting music.

However, as most wireless music hubs and speakers are built to a good standard, any system that you invest in should give you a high quality of sound and make a fantastic audio addition to your home.

Offering great sound, the latest audio technology and an incredibly flexible set up, wireless music systems give music enthusiasts the chance to create the perfect system for their home.