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Samsung Reward Giveaway Promotion Autumn 2013

Promotion, Samsung

As if Samsung’s feature packed products weren’t attractive enough to the smart consumer, they’re now running a national Samsung Reward Giveaway that gives you up to a whopping £300 cash reward. When you trade up or buy a high ticket price item alongside a 2013 Samsung’s Smart TVs, Samsung will give you a cash reward of up to £300 between now and noon on the 24th December 2013.


The extra product can be from any of Samsung’s award winning ranges so you can get a home cinema kit, Blu ray player, camera, tablet and loads more! You don’t even need to buy the Samsung’s Smart TVs and your additional product on the same day, you’ve got up to 28 days to decide which great gadget you want to buy and then Samsung will send you a cheque for your reward.

The amount you can claim varies from product to product but to find out how much you can claim for each product just ask our in store experts. The maximum value of the reward will depend on the TV model/size you buy and the retail value of the second product.  So, if you spend £150 on the second Samsung product but the reward value attached to the TV you bought is up to £200 you’ll receive £150 back, basically you’re getting the second product free! If you buy a second product that is over the £300 limit you’ll receive the full £300 reward.

We’ve got over 20 top of the range Samsung’s Smart TVs for you to chose from so there really is something for everyone and every budget. Take the Samsung UE55F7000 for example, it looks amazingly thin and stylish and has a top of the range smart TV system onboard. With a sharp and detailed picture with rich, bright colours the Samsung UE55F7000 has a long list of great features, including voice and motion control, micro dimming and a touchpad controller. What’s more compared to its counterparts from the other big players its actually really competitively priced and has our Free 5 year guarantee!



What’s also great about the Samsung UE55F7000 is that it can be controlled in lots of different ways. So, if you prefer the traditional TV remote control, the touchpad remote, or the futuristic control methods of voice and motion gestures, then the Samsung UE55F7000 has got it covered. Plus, the voice control isn’t limited to just basic command phrases but the TV now cleverly tries to understand natural speech so just speak into the TV, first saying trigger phrases such as ‘Hi TV’ to wake it up and then tell the TV what you want to do.

Many of the Samsung’s Smart TVs also have a new higher resolution 5-megapixel camera in an attempt to maximize tracking and low-light performance for its motion control. The TV guide menus are really easy to use and you are in control with the option to customise your own picture and audio settings. It even learns your viewing habits over time and, a bit like TiVo, shows you shows that suit your tastes.

But once you’ve bought your brand new Samsung’s Smart TVs the fun doesn’t have to stop there, you can optimise your TV experience and treat the family by pairing it with a fully immersive home entertainment system like the Samsung HWF751XU . With its Valve Amplifier, this slim 46″ silver Soundbar produces a warmer more natural sound with minimal distortion and it will sense wherever you position it and automatically adjust the speaker setup to provide the best sound. So you can emulate the magic of the movies  with the help of the Samsung HWF751XU to create the mood and excitement of the movies in your very own home


Many of these Samsung products come with Smart AllShare functionality so its really easy to share photos, music and videos with friends and family.

The Samsung Reward Giveaway really is a great deal and just in time for Christmas too so come down to our showroom for a chat with an expert to find the right Samsung gadgets for you. For full terms and condition on the Samsung Reward Giveaway check out their terms and conditions at here.