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Curved TVs from Samsung

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Samsung are titans of technology when it comes to TVs. They’ve been leading the way for the last eight years and show no signs of slowing down having unveiled their first commercial Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs.

And the great news is that in the next few weeks we’ll have the 48 inch and 55 inch in our Norwich store (models UE48H8000 and UE55H8000) for you to take a look at.

In the meantime, click here to visit our gallery of images of this radical new TV from Samsung.

Samsung are consistently at the forefront of innovation and their impressive range includes the world’s largest UHD TV at a whopping 110” as well as the world’s first and largest curved UHD TV at 105”.

Until now this kind of curved technology would have only been seen in cinema theatres but Samsung have continued to push the boundaries and will shortly  be releasing a range of Curved UHD TVs suitable for the home. As we mentioned, we’ll have the 48 inch and 55 inch models in store soon. 

But what is it about the curve of the TV that makes these TV’s so special?

Well there are a number of answers to why curved TV’s provide a better and more immersive theatrical viewing experience. Those reasons are based firmly on science but also a bit of biology!

The curve of the screen gives the picture a presence unrivaled by flat TVs as, just like at the cinema, there’s an ideal position for watching your TV. Unlike in the cinema, in your lounge or whatever room you watch your TV in, you can’t fit dozens of movie goers in the same space. Your TV is best viewed from the direct centre with the centre of the screen at eye level. If you’re facing the TV from any other position it means the pictures are slightly distorted as the two corners of the TV at the end furthest away from you will seem closer together than those closest to you.

A curved, or concave screen makes up for this distortion and means that anyone not sat in the exact ideal viewing spot can still experience amazing picture quality. Now every seat becomes the best seat in the house.

Curved screens also cut down on ambient light reflections as it reflects any unwanted light striking the screen away from the viewer. The curvature of the screen actually tricks the brain into perceiving more depth to images that flat images and this means they resemble real life images more closely.

The screen’s subtle curve also matches the natural curve of the human eye.

The look of the curved TV’s is pretty easy on the eye too!

There are lots of tangible benefits to the introduction of curved TV and we’ll be adding Samsung’s UHD Curved TVs to our already state of the art range of TVs soon. We’re confident they’re certainly going to make a big splash in the TV market.