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Sony Vaio Laptops – available in Norwich


Sony VAIO laptops are all about finding the right laptop for you and they have launched a refreshed line of VAIO untrabooks in a worthy attempt to bring the power and comfort of an Ultrabook with the convenience of a tablet device. The VAIO range combines the best features of laptops, untrabooks and tablets all in one device.

And Gerald Giles have many of them in stock and available now in our Norwich Showroom where you’ll be able to speak to our knowledgeable experts about which one is right for you with no pushy sales techniques – just friendly helpful advice, precisely what you’d expect from a business that has been trading on the High Street for 65 years.

In this blog we’ve gone up close and personal with a few of Sony’s VAIO laptops starting with the Sony SVT1313L1ES also known as the T Series.

The Sony SVT1313L1ES is designed to contain all the connectivity ports that other Ultrabook laptops may lack without adding extra heft to the ultra-smooth, full flat design. You can take this thin and light Ultrabook with you anytime and anywhere. The Sony SVT1313L1ES has exception picture quality – probably because it’s designed by the same people that bring you the awesome flat screen HDTVs! The display has a glossy anti reflecting finish allowing for better colour intensity without the annoying glare.

The PlayMemories Home Software makes organizing, editing and sharing your photos and videos a piece of cake. Save money on birthday presents and make heart-warming slide-shows complete with smart transitions and soundtracks in just 3 easy steps. PlayMemories Online service stores your photos, videos etc. in the cloud allowing virtually all of your devices to access it anytime, anyplace so you can share your stuff with your friends on Facebook. You can also stay in touch with your family and friends with the Sony SVT1313L1ES’s HD built in web cam. The Exmor sensor gives you great picture quality and what’s really cool is on some applications you can use the webcam and gesture to do things like skip songs and change the volume.

The Sony SVT1313L1ES has full connectivity with integrated ports so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cable with you. You can connect to a load of equipment like Blu-Ray players, your HDTV etc. and with the USB 3.0 port you can transfer files up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. Plus it has a memory card slot to upload your photos from your digital camera.

The Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD) gives you faster access to your data and boot up compared to standards hard drives and the multi gesture touchpad is a doddle to use. The sounds not bad on the Sony SVT1313L1ES either – the integrated speakers use Clear Phase and xLoud technology deveining crisp, rich and bold sound.

The Sony SVT1313L1ES has some pretty clever Rapid Wake technology which means you never have to shut down and restart your computer each time you want to use it. If you simply close the lid it will go into sleep mode and resume when you open it again. It can stay on sleep mode for 10 days without draining your battery!

We’ve also taken a look at the Sony SVE1513Q1EB E also known as the Vaio E series. This Sony SVE1513Q1EB is fast, versatile and has a stylish wrapover design and comes with the most up-to-date software packages available, including Windows 8 Home Premium. It’s built around a powerful Intel Core i5 processor making easy work of your everyday computing needs and multitasking. It’s backed up by a quick 4GB RAM and 640GB hard drive which gives you enough storage space for over 180,000 photos 160,000 songs, 280 hours of DVD quality video and 76 hours of HD video.

The Sony SVE1513Q1EB helps you keep up to data with your friends via social networking and the built in webcam delivers a clear picture every time. You can stream high quality media quickly and on the move – the 15.5 inch HD display and built-in DVD optical drive mean you can enjoy movies, game or photos whenever wherever.

The sound quality also sets the Sony SVE1513Q1EB apart from its competitors. The xLOUD and Clear Phase technologies mean it has the volume and oomph without affecting the sound quality.

You can be online within seconds with the onetouch WEB button. It lets you access the net without having to fully load up the computer and has great battery life.

Sony really have produced some strong contenders in the Ultrabook market and we’re proud to stock the latest Vaio additions. Check out our great prices too!

For more pictures of the Sony Vaio Laptop’s that are available in our Norwich Showroom – check out our Pinterest Gallery dedicated to Vaio by clicking here.