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Sony. The next generation of Televisions

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Sony are throwing their hat into the 4K TV ring. Launching their LED 4K Ultra HDTV at the CES 2014, they’re not interested in making the biggest or even the bendiest 4K TV but want to allow as many people as possible to enjoy 4K TV as soon as possible.

We’ve been banging on about 4K TV quite a bit recently but for those that may have forgotten, basically it’s 4 times the high definition standard of HD TVs with roughly a whopping 8 million pixels. But when you’ve got a picture this crisp pixels alone aren’t enough according to Sony which is why they’ve introduced X-tended Dynamic Range PRO display tech that constantly changes the brightness of each LED behind the panel. Plus Triluminos colour, other than being a bit of a tongue twister, means you get blacker blacks whiter whites and more colourful colours.

Apart from the fact that the LED 4K Ultra HDTV is like a TV from the future that’s travelled back in time to show us what we’ve got to look forward, the design is amazing. The jet black screen looks like the surface of the fanciest modern kitchen you’ve ever seen and the chrome effect round desktop stand, is subtle yet still hints at its contemporary if not futuristic look. Talk about keeping up with the Jonses, they’ll be blown away by the LED 4K Ultra HDTV.

One of the most unique and stunning features of Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TVs are the black extension wings that sit flush with the glass screen and are home to the open speakers. As they’re front mounted they deliver an audio experience like no other.

It’s way beyond anything you’d expect from an ordinary TV.

Projecting sound straight out towards you rather than downwards as you get with most flat screen TVs, it also has three separate drivers and dedicated tweeters.

The speakers also use Sony’s new Magnetic Fluid design which means you get the audio range and dynamics you’d get from large speakers but from the slim enclosures.

Sony’s new range of 4K Ultra HD TVs come with all the mod cons you’d expect and some of the most up-to-the-minute software available. These TVs really aren’t for the faint hearted and will offer a viewing experience that will make you feel like your in the midst of the action not just watching it.

It’s so easy to control all your content with the intuitive and fast interface. Browse through TV channels, take a look at your media collection, search the net and share all of this with your friends. You can tweet from the TV about what you’re watching and see what your friends and family are up to through the power of Skype.

Whether you’re watching videos online, Blu-ray movies or your favourite soaps with the 4K X-Reality PRO chip inside the TV it makes every image sharp and refined. These aren’t just TVs. They’re works of art.

You can register your interest in these new Sony TVs by clicking this link and visiting the Sony Hub.