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Board, box or bar – it’s all good from Sony


There was certainly no shortage of new product releases for electronics giant Sony at this year’s CES 2014. There was a lot of noise made about their new 4K Ultra HD TVs but they also introduced an entirely new category of product, the Soundbox/Sound base/soundboard. In fact it’s so new they’ve not really decided what they’re going to call it for sure yet!

Name aside, it’s like a Soundbar but the TV sits on top of it and their new Sony HT-XT1 is being described as an “ultra-slim, all-in-one sound bar that delivers a complete entertainment experience without the hassle of multiple units”. Sounds good – if you excuse the pun.

Check out our gallery of images of this impressive beast from Sony by clicking here.

So the Sony HT-XT1 will boost your TVs audio without the mess and tangle of wires and delivers a 2.1 virtual surround sound via HDMI, has two in-built subwoofer drive units and 170 watts of sound. It’s no wonder your TV will truly deliver a more immersive sound experience.

But don’t worry. The 170W of sound energy doesn’t mean your TV will be rattling and vibrating throughout your favourite film or soap, the rigid cabinet and strengthened glass, plus the carefully positioned speakers mean the only thing that’s rattled by the sound is you.

It not only sounds great but looks great too. It’s got a scratch resistant glass top, piano black case, touch buttons in the glass and a dimmable display. It’ll look more like a work of art than a piece of audio equipment not to mention it’s space saving design sees it sitting unobtrusively under your TV.

There are other manufacturers that have thrown their hat into the soundbox/soundboard ring but Sony’s has more connections than any of the other models available, with 3 HDMI ports, optical, co-axial, Bluetooth and NFC. This means it’ll work with virtually anything or any type of TV you have and if you do have a Sony TV then all you need is the remote and you’re good to go.

The Sony HT-XT1 will be a available in the UK from April this year and the official pricing is yet to be announced, although it’s rumoured to be around £299, which means you get quite a lot of bang for your buck and you don’t have to fork out for a completely new TV either. Just add a Sony HT-XT1 and away you go.