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The Best Appliances for your Kitchen Island


A great place to plonk your shopping bags when you get back from the supermarket and a handy spot for food prep, your kitchen island probably already gets more use than you realise. If you want to make this stylish architectural feature even more versatile, you can choose from a number of integrated appliances and gadgets that have been specially designed for the purpose.

Helping to make your kitchen island even more practical, and helping you to design an interior that works perfectly for you, these excellent appliances could transform the way you use your cooking space.

Induction hob

An induction hob is a must have accessory in any modern kitchen. Incredibly energy efficient, these innovative hobs allow you to prepare meals quickly and easily while doing your bit for the environment. Our pick of the bunch is the Miele KM6381. Specifically designed to be installed on a kitchen island, the hob is arranged lengthways as opposed to the traditional square layout. Reducing the depth of the appliance, ensures it’ll fit easily onto most islands.

Cooker hood 

Miele DA 6890 Cooker Hood

If you’re going to install an induction hob on your kitchen island, you’ll need a hood to go with it. Pick the Miele DA6890 Levantar Cooker Hood and you’ll be able to keep your kitchen island sleek, modern and clutter free. Designed to be concealed within the unit, the hood comes complete with integrated touch controls, giving it a contemporary look and good usability.


Wine conditioner

For wine lovers with an eye for style, an integrated conditioner is a kitchen must have. The Miele KWT 6322 UG Under Counter Wine Conditioner will ensure your whites, reds, rosés and sparkling wines are stored at the perfect temperatures. Its handleless design gives the appliance a contemporary aesthetic while its UV resistant glass doors and active charcoal filter will ensure your favourite bottles are stored to perfection.

Miele G 6997 SCVi XXL K2ODishwasher

If your sink is built into your kitchen island, it makes sense to have your dishwasher integrated into the feature as well. The Miele G6997 SCVi XXL K20 dishwasher has been specially designed to sit neatly within a kitchen island. Like Miele’s wine conditioner, the appliance is handleless, helping to keep your kitchen clutter free.

Fridges and freezers

In modern kitchens the position of the fridge and freezer can cause some design difficulty. Ideally they need to be concealed but easily accessible. This makes the kitchen island the perfect location for the appliances. The Miele K32222 i Fridge and the Miele F32202 i Freezer both offer excellent energy efficiency, spacious storage and sleek designs.

For more ideas on creating a stylish and practical kitchen, explore our outstanding range of products or contact a member of our team.