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The masters of noise cancelling headphones.

Bose, Manufacturers

Bose are THE name in the noise cancelling headphone market. Everywhere you look in any busy city you’re bound to see at least one person using Bose headphones. Young professionals and the thousands of suited and booted commuters are all turning to Bose to give them a few minutes of valuable peace amongst the hustle and bustle of the everyday commute.

Priced at the higher end of the market, £299.99 but just £259.99 at Gerald Giles, you might be thinking these must really be the bees knees or else we’ve gone brand barmy. Well, Bose have always made it their mission to produce the best audio equipment and accessories on the market and their range of noise cancelling headphones sure don’t let them down.

So, as always we’ve taken a closer look at some of Bose’s range of best and biggest selling noise cancelling headphones. The Bose QC15 Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones are comfort epitomised. You’ll hardly notice they’re on thanks to the inch thick ear pads and headband padding. They’ve proved softer than their closest rivals in many comfort tests and this comfort doesn’t come at a cost in terms of aesthetics either. And of course the audio quality is fantastic and you can drown out the noise and drama of the outside world and sit back, relax and enjoy a few precious moments of music.

As well as an expert design, Bose QC15 Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones are built with the user in mind at all times. With the single battery AAA hidden away under a plastic flap that’s hidden by the headband when wearing them there’s also removable cable and they come with a whole host of accessories too. A quality carry case, a secondary cable and an airline adaptor mean you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your favouring tunes on the go.

Next the Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphones are an ideal way to enjoy Bose’s famous sound quality wirelessly. Enjoy hours of your favourite playlists comfortably without having to be connected up to your apple devices, and control your iOS devices from the headphones.

You can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time so if you receive a call the Bose AE2W Bluetooth headphones will pause your music for you allowing you to answer. They really are hands free!

The around-ear fit mean they’ll sit comfortably in your ear so you’ll be able to wear them for long periods of time without any discomfort at all. You can use the audio cable if you don’t want to use the battery and whether it’s down to their confront, ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices or how easy they are to control your iOS devices, Apple have recommended the Bose AE2W Bluetooth headphones for listening to music wirelessly on all their devices from iPad to iPod.

Bose sports earphonesNow, the Bose SIE2i earphones are great for those of us that like to enjoy our favourite tunes whilst keeping fit. Imagine running on the open road listening to your most motivating playlist with the Bose smooth sound as company. They even come with a Reebok fitness armband so you’ve got everything you need to hit the gym.

If you are a gym or jogging fan then the Bose SIE2i have some additional benefits.

These Bose earphones are covered with a hydrophobic (allergic to water) cloth to keep out moisture (yes, like sweat) and the cloth also combats the effect of the wind rushing past your ears as you jog: so whatever pace you’re travelling at or however hard your workout – sound quality is preserved at all times.

So for those on the go, fitness fanatics or those that just want to lie back and listen check out Bose’s range of noise cancelling headphones. They’re a really good investment and you can’t put a price on quality like this.