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Neff Appliances in Norwich

Founded in 1877, German brand Neff is an established trusted brand. Creating innovative kitchen appliances is what they do best and Gerald Giles in Norwich specialise in Neff’s range of outstanding products. From their popular Slide’n’Hide built-in ovens to dishwashers packed with the latest energy-saving technology. Many live Neff kitchen appliances can be seen at our Snellings showroom, in Blofield, call us to arrange a demonstration or lookout for one of our popular cooking events.


Neff ovens come with a range of features like CircoTherm, which lets you bake and roast dishes on up to 4 levels simultaneously, without any intermingling of flavours. ComfortFlexRails can be easily changed or removed to allow flexible use on all shelf levels. For a premium and seamless oven, try the unique Slide&Hide oven door. Allowing much closer access to the oven, making tasting, basting and monitoring your food easier than ever.

And after you’re done cooking up a delicious meal, our ovens will take care of the cleaning for you with their Pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle – after activating it, you just have to wipe away minimal residue, giving you more time to relax.


Neff hobs make cooking easy and enjoyable, and if you’re looking for flexibility, an electric hob might be what you’re after. Or pick one of the powerful gas or fast induction hobs. Can’t decide? Then the domino range might be the best hob for you.

Bosch have a range of hob sizes available ready to work with all types of pots, and enhanced controls like FlameSelect and TwistPadFire give you full flexibility with your cooking.


Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any kitchen. That’s why the right food storage is so important to Neff. All the Neff fridges and freezers – whether it’s a large American-style appliance that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, or a built-in model that integrates seamlessly into the kitchen furniture – give you the flexibility to keep your fruit, vegetables and herbs crisp and vibrant for longer.

NEFF fridges and freezers have a range of innovative features including FreshSafe food preservation, helping your ingredients stay fresher for longer. MultiAirFlow distributes temperatures equally throughout the fridge, ensuring every leaf and every yoghurt pot is properly chilled.


NEFF dishwashers have high-efficiency ratings, Flex Baskets to fit in any size cookware and Zeolith mineral assisted drying, meaning all dishes are left beautifully clean without using excessive energy too. And Neff dishwashers use just around 7 litres of water to achieve sparkling results? That’s less than the average watering can! Not only are they powerful, but Neff dishwashers are quiet too, emitting as little as 42 decibels – equivalent to the quiet hum of a modern refrigerator – making your after-dinner conversation more pleasant.


Enjoy clean and crisp laundry with Neff washing machines and dryers. Featuring LED displays, Neff washers and dryers are even easier to use and they’re also among the best in their class for efficiency and performance. Neff appliances offer plenty of different helpful features for your daily individual needs, including special functions such as sensitive drying or the anti-crease cycle.

Buy Neff Appliances in Norfolk

Our large demonstration kitchen based at our Snellings showroom in Blofield, houses several live Neff cooking appliances, so you can get hands-on, or attend one of our cooking events, where local chefs inspire us to create wonderfully delicious cakes and bakes! Our customers want the best specialist knowledge available and we can give it.

Our experience in Neff kitchen appliances, is second to none. So if you need any advice about your purchase, just drop into our store or give us a call.

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